Fury (dir. David Ayer, USA/UK, 2014)

Writer/director David Ayer’s tight narrative, psychological nuance, and near-tactile evocation of war’s squalor sets a high standard for the WW2 films yet to come before year’s end. [Read more…]

Review: Brad Pitt Battles Undead in ‘World War Z’

Zombies bad. Brad Pitt good. [Read more…]

Family Man Brad Pitt: ‘I Haven’t Known Life to Be Any Happier’

The superstar talks about raising kids, his change in focus, and life with Angelina Jolie. [Read more…]

Review: ‘Killing Them Softly’ Makes a Lot out of Murder

‘Killing them Softly’ manages to put humanity in the mob hitman scene. [Read more…]

Who was Robbed and Who was Right in Oscar Nominations

Who got robbed? (The Muppets! Andy Serkis!) Who got the recognition they deserved? (The Tree of Life! Meryl Streep!) And who shouldn’t be on a list of the nine Best Pictures of the year even if they were the only picture made that year? (I’m looking at you, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close!) [Read more…]


‘Moneyball’ holds your attention even if you’re not a baseball fan because it’s about innovation and passion. [Read more…]

Review: Happy Feet Two

This movie is all about the music. If you approach it like a rock opera and don’t expect a coherent story, it’s enjoyable. Think “Mama Mia” or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” but with, you know, penguins. [Read more…]

Love Song to a Love Song: The Tree of Life

Few movies have penetrated my soul like “The Tree of Life,” Terrence Malick’s impressionistic love song to life, the universe, and everything that comes out on DVD this week. The fragmentary film follows a middle aged man (Sean Penn) as he remembers his brother, killed years ago at 19, and reflects on his relationship with [Read More…]