“Breaking Bad” Review: “Felina” Redeems Walt… Or Does It?

The series finale seems clean-cut, but it’s actually more ambiguous than you might think. [Read more…]

“Breaking Bad” Season 6 Episode 7: Stuck In A “Granite State”

Walt hits rock bottom, but he still can’t overcome his addiction to pride. [Read more…]

“Breaking Bad” Season 6 Episode 6: The Fall of “Ozymandias”

As Walt’s empire comes crashing down, his dual natures collide. [Read more…]

Would Obamacare Have Prevented Breaking Bad’s Walter White from Becoming Heisenberg?

The argument goes….if Walt had Universal Health Care, he never would have started cooking meth. Hmm…. [Read more…]

“Breaking Bad” Season 6 Episode 5: Showdown At “To’hajiilee”

There aren’t just two sides to this battle of wits. [Read more…]

Bryan Cranston Talked About the End of Breaking Bad: What is Justice for Walt?

Because I’m a huge nerd, I cornered Heisenberg and asked what he thought justice for Walt would look like. [Read more…]

The Salvation of Jesse Pinkman: Is There Room for God in ‘Breaking Bad?’

So far, the hit show is missing something so primally human, so common that it hides in plain sight: The desperate man’s desperate plea to his Creator. [Read more…]

“Breaking Bad” Season 6 Episode 4: Curing the “Rabid Dog”

While one character finds salvation, others reveal their true spiritual sickness. [Read more…]

Vote: How Should Breaking Bad End?

What do you think should happen to Saul, Hank, Jesse, Skyler, and Walter White? [Read more…]

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“Breaking Bad” Season 6 Episode 3 “Confessions”: Unleashing Chekhov’s Arsenal

As some guns are fired, others are introduced. [Read more…]