‘Rapture Palooza’ Movie: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Making fun of Jesus and the Rapture isn’t a problem is it?

This trailer for a little flick called Rapture-Palooza was just released.

The movie follows a couple (Anna Kendrick and John Frances Daily) who miss out on the rapture and have to carry on with their lives post-Apocalypse. To further complicate things, Satan (Craig Robinson) shows up. He’s got his eye on the lady, so they hatch a plot to trick him back into bondage.

Oh, and they blast Jesus with some turbo missile thingie.

Just watch:

YouTube Preview Image

I have to admit it looks funny in a blasphemous, outrageous, lookatme, lookatme kind of way. What will they think of next?

Paul Middleditch directs the film which will be in theaters and video on demand on June 7.