‘The Hunger Games’ New Trailer Released

500 days out from the highly anticipated movie release, a new trailer.

Watch it here. [Read more…]

Boxoffice: THE GREY Snarls and Claws its Way to the Top

Add wolfpuncher and boxoffice ninja to Liam Neeson’s resume. His movie – pardon me – leads the pack. [Read more…]


Underneath its stylized direction and shocking violence, DRIVE is a fantastic tale about a man fully and selflessly committed to protecting the weak and innocent. [Read more…]

The Big Year

Full of quiet goofiness and sweet moments, THE BIG YEAR, a flick about birdwatching, is better than you expect. [Read more…]

In Time

IN TIME is the confusing, nonsensical companion to the #Occupy movement: Time Bandits meets the Communist Manifesto. Clocks of the world, unite! [Read more…]

Disbelief the Only Thing not Suspended in “Man on a Ledge”

Time to buy a ticket to “The Grey” instead. [Read more…]

Was Moses Black? ‘Urban Daily’ Proposes Black Actors for Spielberg Biblical Epic

Did the Biblical hero really look like Charlton Heston? [Read more…]

Steven Spielberg Close to Deal to Direct Moses Epic

‘There have been glossy versions of the Moses story but this would be a real warrior story,’ an insider tells Deadline: New York. [Read more…]

Ides of March

This tale of losing innocence in a high-stakes primary presidential campaign is well-done, but will appeal to a small audience. [Read more…]

Higher Ground

This film about Evangelical Christianity in the ’70s is respectful, but falls short of being profound. [Read more…]