Comic Con ’13 Day 2: Helix, Ender’s Game, Falling Skies, The 100

Things you only see at Comic Con 1. A table of elves lunching at The Old Spaghetti Factory 2. R2D2 making catcalls 3. Marvin the Martian at the ATM 4. Trolley signs in Dothraki 5. Predator just hanging out in the corner of an exhibit booth If you enjoy having big questions woven into your [Read More…]

Comic-Con Saturday: Christians in Comics? Who Knew? Plus, Nerd Prom

Sci-fi writers get their moment in the sun (which they probably don’t see a lot), Religious comic artists meet up (it’s a small but passionate group) and nerds dance (sort of)! It’s the glory of Comic-Con! [Read more…]