Race and The Hunger Games: Stand Down, People

Shouldn’t the headline be: “Of the 140k that saw The Hunger Games, ten are racist?”

Or, “Nation tells the racist .07% of Hunger Games Fans that Racism is Not OK?” [Read more…]

Violence, Morality, and the Inherent Schizophrenia of The Hunger Games: A Review

The film is intentionally and unbendingly anti-war as any grey-ponytailed UC Berkeley professor, and yet its best moments come when it makes a case for violent revolution against injustice. [Read more…]

A Parent’s Guide to The Hunger Games

A primer on the big new thing in the tween and teen set. [Read more…]

Interview: George Washington Reviews The Hunger Games

First in War.

First in Peace.

First in Young Adult Literature. [Read more…]

Peeta Confesses Love for Katniss – Hunger Games Clip

Is there other news in the world besides “The Hunger Games?”
I didn’t think so. [Read more…]

New Hunger Games Clip

A) Perfectly Done.
B) So very dark. [Read more…]