DVD Release: Immortals

Bottom Line: A stylistic but confusing mess, this movie is no fun and won’t even help you write you Greek mythology midterm paper.

The Gist: Theseus fights the evil King Hyperion while the gods of Olympus gear up for war against the Titans, should they be released by Hyperion. Got that? Plus, a second-sighted oracle tells Theseus his future and hopes to be part of it.

The Verdict: Skip it. The complex Greek legends don’t get any favors from this movie that adds extra confusion to its storyline. The heavily stylized images are at times beautiful and at times laughable, as when the oracles, for reasons unknown, insist on wearing lampshades from Bed Bath and Beyond on their heads. Was there Bed Bath and Beyond in ancient Greece? No? I didn’t think so. Plus, the movie is at times very cool in its fighting and effects, but at other times painfully and¬†unnecessarily¬†gory and violent. Read our full review.

Be Aware: Rated R for strong, bloody violence and a scene of sexuality.


Zeus enacts some tough love on one of the many Greek gods inhabiting "Immortals."

Grade: C -

Who Should See It: Adults and some teens whose parents are comfortable with graphic violence in battle scenes.

Rating: R for strong bloody violence and a sexual scene (brief, but showing nudity and sex, obscured by shadows)

Bottom Line: No one can deny the stunning visuals of the film, but the storyline is weak and confusing and some of the scenes are downright ridiculous. And not in a good way.

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