Edge of Tomorrow: When Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix and Succeeds as Both.

Nowadays, it’s unfortunately rare that you come across a movie far greater than its trailer. With the sheer colossal amount of money and time invested into a product’s advertising, what you as a theater-goer are usually subjected to is a trailer revealing the funniest jokes, most memorable dialogue, most stunning action scenes, and even in [Read More…]

Announcing the Nominees for the 2014 Patheos Movie Awards

Patheos Entertainment Channel writers have selected our nominations for the best in cinema in 2013. [Read more…]

Christian Culture out of the Bubble: Loving the World through Watching (and Making) Movies

When you watch a movie, take in a TV show, or listen to a song, you are not condoning, assenting, agreeing, or endorsing. You are listening. [Read more…]

Christians and Movies: Recognizing the Danger Within, Not Without

An appeal to fellow Christians to lighten up on Hollywood and look at themselves. [Read more…]

It’s about the Irony: Red State versus Blue State TV Habits

Red Staters tend to like big guns, prefer clear cut motives and be allergic to irony. Blue Staters gravitate toward desperate characters, enjoy conflicted motives, and struggle with addiction to irony. [Read more…]