First Look: ‘The Muppets…Again’

A few images from the set of “The Muppets…Again.” [Read more…]

Pixar and Disney announce New Kids’ Flicks

Muppets and Dinosaurs, and more! [Read more…]

Muppets Take Los Angeles

Brangelina better watch their back. There’s a new power couple in town. [Read more…]

Muppet Opening Song

Here’s the new song written for “The Muppets,” as sung by Kermit and Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords. It’s the big opening number for the movie. Remember, life’s a fillet of fish! [Read more…]

Things I Learned over the Weekend

Each Monday I return to work a little more informed and a little more enlightened. Luckily for you, I’m happy to share. 1) All brawn and No Brains? Dolph Lundgren, the Swedish, musclebound hunk of meat that fights Sly Stallone in Rocky IV as Ivan Drago, the guy who bruised Stallone’s heart while filming a [Read More…]

The Muppet Saga: Breaking Prawn

A story of longing, of two beings who love yet come from different worlds. A love so strong, it changes all the rules. I’m talking of course, of frog and pig.               But, of course, there’s always the lonely WereRowlf. Where will he find love? [Read more…]