Occupy Hollywood!

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake star in "In Time."

If time really is money, then the Justin Timberlake vehicle “In Time” is an Occupy Wall Street manifesto costumed for Halloween as a Bonnie and Clyde type thriller. Like the Occupy movement, it packs a lot of punch and a lot of passion, but doesn’t have an underlying rationality.

In a vaguely futuristic, dystopian world, time has replaced money as currency. People have been genetically coded to stop aging at 25. They retain their youthful looks, but their internal clock starts ticking. This is a literal clock, glowing on their arms, constantly ticking down the moment until their death. At 25, they are issued one year. They may work to earn more time, they must pay for living expenses with time. A cup of coffee costs four minutes, rent might cost a few days. [Read more...]