The Great Beauty (dir. Paolo Sorrentino, Italy, 2013)

Considering that this year’s Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film centers upon a despondent older man confronting the void of his empty life, The Great Beauty is a surprisingly giddy ride. [Read more…]

Guest Post: The Wealthy Conservative Family Behind Former Oscar Nominee ‘Alone Yet Not Alone’

Written by one sister, starring another, and possibly financed by dad? The story of the obscure Christian subculture film to have a brief Oscar nod gets more interesting. [Read more…]

5 Reasons ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Will Win the Oscar, Even Though I Haven’t Seen it Yet

My last chance to spout uninformed speculation about TDKR, so I go big. [Read more…]

Interview: Chimpanzee Director Mark Linfield on Falling For a Little Guy Named Oscar

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Oscar Wrap-Up: Bad, No Good, Horrible Limericks

For all those lost in a ditch,
Angie and Brad love hit fever pitch.
She showed her thigh
He waved hi
But she needed to eat a sandwich. [Read more…]


Centered around the world of ultimate fighting, Warrior delivers a nearly Shakespearean family drama and one of the best movies of the year. [Read more…]