Wolf of Hollywood: Only One Oscar Nominee was Made in Fiscally-Unfriendly California

California punishes business. Which is bad news for its signature industry. [Read more…]

Muppets Take Los Angeles

Brangelina better watch their back. There’s a new power couple in town. [Read more…]

Why The Tree of Life Should Win Best Picture

“The Tree of Life” does what the other nominated movies don’t: Makes an argument for cinema. [Read more…]

Who was Robbed and Who was Right in Oscar Nominations

Who got robbed? (The Muppets! Andy Serkis!) Who got the recognition they deserved? (The Tree of Life! Meryl Streep!) And who shouldn’t be on a list of the nine Best Pictures of the year even if they were the only picture made that year? (I’m looking at you, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close!) [Read more…]

Reactions to WAFCA awards

Our local film critics association voted.

Here’s what we got wrong (not awarding THE TREE OF LIFE) and what we got right (kudos to THE HELP.) [Read more…]