Think Like a Man Too: The Hangover’s Vapid, Shallow, and Forgettable Cousin

As I watched Think Like a Man Too, the most recent product from writers Keith Merryman and David Newman who brought you that wholesome flick, Friends with Benefits, I couldn’t help but think of the climbing divorce rate in America. In a culture that is increasingly devaluing marriage (sadly more often than not treating it as [Read More…]

Edge of Tomorrow: When Groundhog Day Meets the Matrix and Succeeds as Both.

Nowadays, it’s unfortunately rare that you come across a movie far greater than its trailer. With the sheer colossal amount of money and time invested into a product’s advertising, what you as a theater-goer are usually subjected to is a trailer revealing the funniest jokes, most memorable dialogue, most stunning action scenes, and even in [Read More…]

Happy Anniversary Patheos!

I may not agree, indeed I may passionately disagree, with what you say, but I will fight for your right to say it. [Read more…]

Announcing the Nominees for the 2014 Patheos Movie Awards

Patheos Entertainment Channel writers have selected our nominations for the best in cinema in 2013. [Read more…]

Wallace and Gromit: Family Movie Night

Looking for something to watch together? You can’t do better than these shorts about a tinkerer and cheese-enthuisast on a series of misadventures from which his long-suffering pooch must rescue him. [Read more…]

October Sky – Family Movie Night

Movies don’t get much more inspirational thank this true story of a boy destined for the coal mines who found a future in the stars. [Read more…]

Why I am a Christian

Attempting to put into words why I follow the faith. [Read more…]