Coincidence? ‘The Bible’s’ Devil Looks Remarkably like President Obama

Media pundits are stunned at the “surprise hit” of the History Channel’s adaptation of the world’s most popular book.

The Bible, a ten part miniseries on The History Channel, drew in 27 million viewers its first night, a respectable number for broadcast shows and astounding for a cable show.

But now there’s something new for the media reporters to chatter about: The Devil in last night’s episode. Here is a picture of the POTUS (left) and The Devil, played by Mohamen Mehdi Quazanni (right).

Even odder, Quazanni is not African American or African. How did he come to resemble Obama so closely? Here is a picture of him without makeup:

What do you think? Does The Devil look like President Obama? And do you think it looks intentional or just a strange coincidence?

Update: Producers Mark Burnett, Roma Downey and the History Channel respond, calling the controversy “utter nonsense.” Click here for full statement. 

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