‘Deadline’ tells a Sad and Often Neglected American Tale

With stars like Will Smith reigning the box office and directors like Tyler Perry cranking out movie after movie, you’d think there would be more great films about the most American of stories: the legacy of slavery and racism on both white and black Americans. They’re few and far between. Films like Glory, Malcolm X, [Read More…]

‘Deadline:’ The Real Story of the Murder of Wallace Youmans

The real American story of murder and justice. [Read more…]

Guess what? All your ancestors are white: Aronofsky Casts All Europeans for ‘Noah’

Hold the phone. The father of all humanity – and his entire family – looks like the members of a WASPy country club. [Read more…]

Race and The Hunger Games: Stand Down, People

Shouldn’t the headline be: “Of the 140k that saw The Hunger Games, ten are racist?”

Or, “Nation tells the racist .07% of Hunger Games Fans that Racism is Not OK?” [Read more…]