RedState Movie Mafia Podcast – John Carter Edition

On this week’s RedState Movie Mafia podcast:

What’s the deal with big numbers for the eco-parable “The Lorax?”

How did Twitter get so mean? We discuss Rush, Patricia Heaton, and Kirk Cameron.

Should you shell out cash to go to Mars with “John Carter?” Our panel has a frank exchange of views.

What other movies are we looking forward to? One hint: Oooo OOOOoohhhh Ooooo. (That’s supposed to be the “Hunger Games” whistle.)

And the rest of the week’s new releases, plus our One Pick of the Week.

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RedState Movie Mafia Podcast Now Available

Coming to you from the Nation’s Capitol, the RedState Movie Mafia is a trio of critics who approach popular culture from the right side of the aisle. Critics are usually BlueState, amiright?  Big Hollywood’s John Hanlon, Lauren Veneziani and myself wanted to put together something for the rest of the country, you know…the guys and gals who drive pickups and know their way around a Glock.

This week, we cover the Oscars, the year so far, and a little Navy SEAL movie opening this week called Act of Valor.

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