Alec Baldwin Enters the Fray, Weirdly

While American Hero George Clooney was saving the world by getting arrested, Alec Baldwin was doing his part by, um, tweeting.

I love Alec. He’s always entertaining. I especially like the commercial now running where he tells you not to play games on your phone while flying.

I guess experience is really the best teacher.

So my question is, how can I like so much someone whom I disagree with so strongly and who I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy being around? Yet I do.

Maybe it was the time on 30 Rock where he did the upstairs/downstairs family drama reenactment of Tracy’s childhood.

Yeah. That must be it.

Kirk Cameron Talks Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gets Heat

Actor and activist Kirk Cameron has never hidden his political or religious views, but has recently been in the press for a high-profile interview he gave to CNN’s Piers Morgan in advance of the release of his documentary “Monumental.” He said he opposes abortion “under any circumstances” and that homosexuality was “unnatural.”

On Abortion:

On Gay Marriage:

Hollywood has reacted in anger. GLADD condemned Cameron. His former TV family members Alan Thicke and Tracy Gold tweeted their disagreement. “I am a strong supporter of theĀ #LGBTCommunity, and I believe in equal rights for all.#NOH8 #LOVE” said Gold. Many other Hollywood figures also took to Twitter to vent their disapproval.

The former “Growing Pains” star has always been outspoken about his conservative Christianity. In recent years, he has starred in the “Left Behind” series and “Fireproof,” both movies made for the conservative Christian market. He also has advocated for Intelligent Design and acted as an Evangelist. “Monumental” will release March 27.