Invading Anglican closets

The historic Trinity Episcopal Church offers clear online guidance to those seeking a Blessing of Holy Union in its sanctuary on Boston's Copley Square.The services are based on "A Rite for the Celebration of Commitment to a Life Together" which is used in the Diocese of Massachusetts."A priest may bless a same-sex civil marriage or preside at and bless a same-sex union. ... The same liturgical rite is used," say the guidelines. "In the presence of God and the couple's Christian community, the … [Read more...]

That Episcopal status quo

When it comes to same-sex unions, the Episcopal Church has been using a kind of "don't ask, don't tell" policy.The church's General Convention has never authorized an official rite to bless homosexual relationships. Bishops have, however, been allowed to approve blessings at the local level or simply look the other way. The national church didn't ask and local bishops didn't have to tell. The big question is whether this tactic will work after the latest meeting of the world's Anglican primates, … [Read more...]