Rather faith-free WPost story about ministry to the hungry

As happens about this time every summer, tmatt headed to the Southern Highlands to take a week off. Thus, there was no new Scripps Howard column. There was, however, this post from GetReligion.org that I think will interest the readers of my weekly column. Enjoy.For the past two decades, I have spent quite a bit of time driving the back roads of the Southern Highlands, which is one of the many names that locals use to describe the Appalachian Mountains of East Tennessee and Western North … [Read more...]

The holy terror of religion news

Journalists at the Newhouse News Service bureau in Washington, D.C., learned to appreciate the sound of editor Deborah Howell cutting loose during a good argument.As news spread about her untimely death, former colleagues sought ways to describe her linguistic style using words that could be printed in family newspapers.A Washington Post Tribute noted: "Some journalists swear like sailors; she swore like the fleet.""She had a unique persona. She could be very intimidating. She knew how to … [Read more...]