Trump, Sexual Assault, and Incest: When Forgiveness is Failure

In the midst of the chaos of this election it is also important to pay attention to what justice looks like in the context of sexual assault. [Read more…]

How to Pray When You Don’t Believe in Magic

Asking God to heal the sick or feed the hungry or to end injustice is to imagine a divine Being who is like a fairy godmother – with the power to grant our various wishes, if only we are humble and deserving enough. [Read more…]

What Do Christians Believe About the Crucifixion?

Feminist, womanist, mujerista and other critical theologies saved Christianity for me.
[Read more…]

Peace on Earth? Is Misogyny Ever Innocent?

Let me say right off the bat – I don’t know this family or the photographer. I do not know why they would choose this pose or what their thinking was when they decided to bind and gag the women in the family while the father and son smile placidly giving a “thumbs-up.” And, quite frankly, I don’t really care. [Read more…]

I’m Christian, But I’m Not. . .

As a Presbyterian minister and a progressive Christian ethicist, when the young people on the video affirmed that they are Christian but not homophobic, perfect, close-minded, unaccepting, uneducated, judgmental, conservative, and ignorant – I found myself cheering “Right on!” [Read more…]

Celebrating the Moral Courage of Women Who Have Abortions

During this media blitz highlighting the Catholic Church’s generosity of absolving women of their “sin of abortion,” I want to celebrate the moral courage of women who have terminated pregnancies as a morally good act in the larger story of a life well-lived, or at least the journey to live the most faithful life possible. [Read more…]

What Christian Feminism Can Teach Us About Dealing with Our Racist Past

In the midst of a country where black lives appear expendable and some white people are unable to recognize that memorializing their ancestors should never be done in ways that celebrate the Confederacy and its’ mission of defending slavery – the question of how we handle our past is a question we have yet to effectively grapple with as a nation. [Read more…]

Trump, Republican Misogyny, and the Attacks on Planned Parenthood

The best avenue for reducing abortions is not bullying women into not having them, it’s helping provide better health care, sex education, and access to contraception so that we reduce the unplanned pregnancy rate. [Read more…]

Misogyny is Exhausting

While misogyny is deeply embedded in the development, history, and theology of Christianity, this does not mean that Christianity is inherently misogynist or patriarchal. It is human beings who shape attitudes and beliefs about human nature, the sacred, and our religions through our teachings and our practices. [Read more…]

What Motherhood and Ecumenism Have in Common

While it is true that the historic Councils of the Church did not include women (as far as we know), thanks be to God that they do now, that many of us are also ordained, and that some of us are mothers as well. [Read more…]