Afraid for the Future? Join the Resistance!!

“Alternate facts” do not exist. In common parlance, “alternate facts” are called “lies.” When our President and the legislative branch of government base their public policy on lies – our whole democracy is threatened. [Read more…]

Just What is Xenophobia?

In the inestimable words of Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” [Read more…]

Has North Carolina become the “Hate State”?

Clearly, being Christian means something different to me than to many people in NC who are cite Christianity to support their intolerance. [Read more…]

Should Profit Be the Defining Factor of our Economy?

What does Colorado’s ballot initiative for universal healthcare have to do with the moral question of profits in the US? A lot! [Read more…]

Thanksgiving, Banquets, and Hunger: Pausing to Consider Justice in the Midst of Plenty

Ending hunger is not some pie-in-the-sky utopian dream. It is a matter of political will. [Read more…]

When Will Republican States Do Their Duty?

In theory, I support the idea of states’ rights. It follows the basic ethical principle of subsidiarity – namely, social problems should be addressed at the smallest, most local level possible. [Read more…]

Is a “Fair Trial” possible in a racist society?

Most of us aren’t trained to think about social problems in a structural way. When we think about racism we think about people who are prejudiced or who act in racist ways. When we talk about structural racism, we have to think about how the structure of our society are shaped by conscious and unconscious cultural prejudices.
[Read more…]

NC Legislators Cut Off Nose to Spite Face

In the midst of the racism and prejudice particularly against black people that permeates the United States – we need to think about every legislative change and social action that occurs in our communities in light of what it means when people say, “Black Lives Matter.” [Read more…]

NC Republican Legislators Reject Facts, Embrace Emotion

In a context where the vast majority of women are acting as responsible moral agents exercising a legal right to a safe medical procedure, waiting periods and mandatory ultrasounds are a paternalistic attempt to shame and harass women by assuming they cannot possibly know their own minds. [Read more…]

Safe Sex, Healthy Sex, Sacred Sex

A couple of years ago, when my daughter was in seventh grade, I got a notice from her school that I could go and sit in on her first sex education class. I was surprised at how few parents actually showed up and far more of us were parents of girls than boys. The film [Read More…]