Trump, Sexual Assault, and Incest: When Forgiveness is Failure

In the midst of the chaos of this election it is also important to pay attention to what justice looks like in the context of sexual assault. [Read more…]

The Threat of Hate in North Carolina: #WeAreNotThis

What happened Wednesday in North Carolina is about patriarchy and the authoritarian control of a legislature that feels the power to control social behavior slipping out of its hands. [Read more…]

Homegrown Terrorism: Why Colorado is NOT the Action of a Lone Gunman

The truth is, all Christians, pro-life and pro-choice, need to change our behavior when it comes to the issue of abortion. [Read more…]

Celebrating the Moral Courage of Women Who Have Abortions

During this media blitz highlighting the Catholic Church’s generosity of absolving women of their “sin of abortion,” I want to celebrate the moral courage of women who have terminated pregnancies as a morally good act in the larger story of a life well-lived, or at least the journey to live the most faithful life possible. [Read more…]

I Really Hope My Daughter Has Good Sex

Most teens feel sexual desire. The question they need to grapple with is what do they do with that desire? When we fail to accept their sexuality, when we fail to acknowledge their desires, when we fail to teach them how to think ethically and responsibly about their sexuality – we have failed them. [Read more…]

Why My Heart Breaks When Churches “Leave” the PCUSA

My heart broke a little as I rode my bike past that church. It broke for that congregation whose prejudices against gays and lesbians pushed them to leave a community of churches that they have been a part of since their formation. It broke a little for my Presbytery that has now lost another church from our community of faith. It broke a little for the knowledge that it was likely the prejudiced teachings of earlier traditions of Christianity that helped to shape the prejudice and bias that continues to mark this community’s reading of scripture. [Read more…]

Why Do Christians Fight Over the Bible?

Last week I wrote a blog post about the Supreme Court’s deliberations regarding marriage equality. The point of the piece was to highlight that the term “biblical marriage” is largely used by conservative and right-wing Christians and politicians as if it were equivalent to the form of monogamous, heterosexual, companionate marriage that conservatives venerate. It’s [Read More…]

NC Republican Legislators Reject Facts, Embrace Emotion

In a context where the vast majority of women are acting as responsible moral agents exercising a legal right to a safe medical procedure, waiting periods and mandatory ultrasounds are a paternalistic attempt to shame and harass women by assuming they cannot possibly know their own minds. [Read more…]

Safe Sex, Healthy Sex, Sacred Sex

A couple of years ago, when my daughter was in seventh grade, I got a notice from her school that I could go and sit in on her first sex education class. I was surprised at how few parents actually showed up and far more of us were parents of girls than boys. The film [Read More…]