Afraid for the Future? Join the Resistance!!

“Alternate facts” do not exist. In common parlance, “alternate facts” are called “lies.” When our President and the legislative branch of government base their public policy on lies – our whole democracy is threatened. [Read more…]

Trump, Sexual Assault, and Incest: When Forgiveness is Failure

In the midst of the chaos of this election it is also important to pay attention to what justice looks like in the context of sexual assault. [Read more…]

How to Pray When You Don’t Believe in Magic

Asking God to heal the sick or feed the hungry or to end injustice is to imagine a divine Being who is like a fairy godmother – with the power to grant our various wishes, if only we are humble and deserving enough. [Read more…]

The Threat of Obama

Racism is a deep malignancy in the very core of our identity as Americans. A malignancy that must be acknowledged before we can cut it out. [Read more…]

What Does the Lord Require of You? A Message for Comfortable Christians

Comfortable Christians need to step out of our comfort zones and begin to take risks for what we believe. [Read more…]

What Does It Mean to Say “All Lives Matter?”

Now, many whites across this country have reacted in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. However, too many whites have reacted with surprise or anger toward the Black Lives Matter movement. Some have even indignantly suggested that we ought to rally around the cry that “All Lives Matter.” [Read more…]

Is Tribal Christianity as Dangerous as Tribal Islam?

Stories of dysfunction and violence in Islamic countries and stories of institutional racism and xenophobia in the US are the stories that have dominated the US news cycles for the past several years. These stories are more related than they might seem. [Read more…]

Peace on Earth? Is Misogyny Ever Innocent?

Let me say right off the bat – I don’t know this family or the photographer. I do not know why they would choose this pose or what their thinking was when they decided to bind and gag the women in the family while the father and son smile placidly giving a “thumbs-up.” And, quite frankly, I don’t really care. [Read more…]

Is an Apocalypse Inevitable Before We Can Achieve Sustainability?

While delegates in Paris have been hammering out a long-overdue global deal to lower greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to address climate change, US college students continue to prophesy plague, nuclear war, water wars, hurricanes, tsunamis, rising sea levels, ebola and other pandemics as a necessary apocalyptic intervention that will be required before we are able to move into a sustainable future as a human community. [Read more…]

Homegrown Terrorism: Why Colorado is NOT the Action of a Lone Gunman

The truth is, all Christians, pro-life and pro-choice, need to change our behavior when it comes to the issue of abortion. [Read more…]