How to Reject Xenophobia – Have Lunch Instead!

There many things – large and small – that Christians can do to fight the xenophobia that threatens our country. One simple thing to do is have lunch! [Read more…]

How White People Gather to Undermine White Supremacy

Last Sunday, two colleagues and I greeted a group of thirty-three people over a shared meal in a church social hall to talk together about race and racism. With five different churches from four different traditions – UCC, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian – we came together to talk about the problem of racism in our [Read More…]

Rediscovering the Joy of Worship

Lately, it has been a chore to go to church. After all, I really ought to take my children to church. And my mom is so much happier when we are sitting there with her in church. And, of course, as an ordained minister, I’m supposed to go to church, right? [Read more…]

Has North Carolina become the “Hate State”?

Clearly, being Christian means something different to me than to many people in NC who are cite Christianity to support their intolerance. [Read more…]

Is Slavery Really Over?

White people will never be able to understand the problem of policing and the black community until we are able to unpack the legacy of slavery and how contemporary prejudice and racism unfold directly from that legacy. [Read more…]

What Does the Lord Require of You? A Message for Comfortable Christians

Comfortable Christians need to step out of our comfort zones and begin to take risks for what we believe. [Read more…]

Peace on Earth? Is Misogyny Ever Innocent?

Let me say right off the bat – I don’t know this family or the photographer. I do not know why they would choose this pose or what their thinking was when they decided to bind and gag the women in the family while the father and son smile placidly giving a “thumbs-up.” And, quite frankly, I don’t really care. [Read more…]

Protestant Pope Envy

As a feminist, I see this difference between our ecclesial structures – the difference between a hierarchy of power and authority and a sharing of power of authority – as one of the most important differences between Catholics and Protestants (of course, the ordination of women ranks pretty high as well!). [Read more…]

I’m Christian, But I’m Not. . .

As a Presbyterian minister and a progressive Christian ethicist, when the young people on the video affirmed that they are Christian but not homophobic, perfect, close-minded, unaccepting, uneducated, judgmental, conservative, and ignorant – I found myself cheering “Right on!” [Read more…]

Misogyny is Exhausting

While misogyny is deeply embedded in the development, history, and theology of Christianity, this does not mean that Christianity is inherently misogynist or patriarchal. It is human beings who shape attitudes and beliefs about human nature, the sacred, and our religions through our teachings and our practices. [Read more…]