When Is Stopping a Pipeline Social Change?

While many people were surprised by the Obama Administration’s work stoppage on the pipeline, this action represents one significant example of how the government can play an important role in long-term social change. [Read more…]

Is an Apocalypse Inevitable Before We Can Achieve Sustainability?

While delegates in Paris have been hammering out a long-overdue global deal to lower greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to address climate change, US college students continue to prophesy plague, nuclear war, water wars, hurricanes, tsunamis, rising sea levels, ebola and other pandemics as a necessary apocalyptic intervention that will be required before we are able to move into a sustainable future as a human community. [Read more…]

Why K-Cups Are Going To Kill Us

But really, its not K-Cups, per se, that are the problem. The problem is much deeper. [Read more…]

Review of Michael Northcott’s book, “A Political Theology of Climate Change”

Click here to read my review of Michael Northcott’s new book titled, A Political Theology of Climate Change in The Christian Century. [Read more…]