Practicing Solidarity: The Power of Churches to Challenge Hate

It is difficult to talk about these issues with white Christians in this country in open and honest ways because I believe that we are good people and I know that most of us do not understand ourselves to be racist. That doesn’t make it any easier. It is hard to talk about these things. Partially because we haven’t learned how to talk about privilege or race in productive and meaningful ways rather than in ways that shame and blame us. [Read more…]

Don’t Be an Asshole: Reflections on Civility

When did we decide that the virtues of our public officials and the values that shape the discourse of our public sphere were somehow separate from the virtues and values that we claim guide our personal lives? [Read more…]

Do White People Need Black Friends?

Of the white people I know who actively think and care about racism . . . all of them had some personal connection to a POC (or more than one) who helped them understand. [Read more…]

What Does the Lord Require of You? A Message for Comfortable Christians

Comfortable Christians need to step out of our comfort zones and begin to take risks for what we believe. [Read more…]

Growing Pains: The Challenge of Raising Children Who Think for Themselves

I made myself breathe deep. I made myself just listen. I reminded myself that I am not a failure, that she is sixteen, and that the cultural definition of Christianity is really hard to challenge. [Read more…]

Documenting the Undocumented: How ID Programs Improve Community

It is difficult to keep your community safe if undocumented community members are afraid of the police. When people are afraid of the police, they aren’t likely to reach out to them to when they see crimes being committed in their neighborhoods, if they are victims of domestic abuse, or if they are being mistreated by their own employers. [Read more…]

What’s a White Christian to Do? Racism, White Privilege, and Stepping Up

White privilege and racism will not go away until we begin to address these problems head-on. That is what the group of eighteen white Christians I met with on Sunday are beginning to do. To tell their stories of being white. To think about how we have been taught to think about race and to examine our lives, our habits, and the structures of our society to see the ways in which race is embedded in them. [Read more…]

Do I Have To Go to Church?

With a teenage daughter in the house, I seem to get this question much more frequently on Sunday mornings than I used to. Especially since the nine-year old, who follows her sister’s lead in everything, has began to sing this refrain as well. I grew up as a “PK” or a “preacher’s kid.” This was [Read More…]