Practicing Solidarity: The Power of Churches to Challenge Hate

It is difficult to talk about these issues with white Christians in this country in open and honest ways because I believe that we are good people and I know that most of us do not understand ourselves to be racist. That doesn’t make it any easier. It is hard to talk about these things. Partially because we haven’t learned how to talk about privilege or race in productive and meaningful ways rather than in ways that shame and blame us. [Read more…]

Protestant Pope Envy

As a feminist, I see this difference between our ecclesial structures – the difference between a hierarchy of power and authority and a sharing of power of authority – as one of the most important differences between Catholics and Protestants (of course, the ordination of women ranks pretty high as well!). [Read more…]

What Motherhood and Ecumenism Have in Common

While it is true that the historic Councils of the Church did not include women (as far as we know), thanks be to God that they do now, that many of us are also ordained, and that some of us are mothers as well. [Read more…]

What Does “Visible Unity” Look Like?

The world is always changing and the church grows and changes in response to the spiritual and material needs of the people of God. The work of the WCC and of Faith and Order in bringing representatives together from the Church around the world to talk together about our common faith and commitments is a meaningful way that helps to facilitate the work and life of the Christian community. [Read more…]

Why I’m Ecumenical

Christianity was never meant to be about us. Like my dad taught me, we are a covenant people. The covenant was made by my local church when I was baptized, made on behalf of the whole people of God, the oikoumene. The ecumenical movement is about recognizing that the body of Christ is bigger than any one denomination. It’s about sharing our faith with one another across our lines of difference, and about learning from one another new ways to follow God. [Read more…]

On Death and Denominationalism

[third in a series of posts addressed to understanding denominations and ecumenism] What would you die for? To save your children? To save your spouse? To ensure world peace? To promote your religion? Would you die rather than renounce your beliefs? Which ones? As we enter Holy Week, I often think about Jesus’ death and try [Read More…]