Practicing Solidarity: The Power of Churches to Challenge Hate

It is difficult to talk about these issues with white Christians in this country in open and honest ways because I believe that we are good people and I know that most of us do not understand ourselves to be racist. That doesn’t make it any easier. It is hard to talk about these things. Partially because we haven’t learned how to talk about privilege or race in productive and meaningful ways rather than in ways that shame and blame us. [Read more…]

Don’t Be an Asshole: Reflections on Civility

When did we decide that the virtues of our public officials and the values that shape the discourse of our public sphere were somehow separate from the virtues and values that we claim guide our personal lives? [Read more…]

Open Letter to Obama: Please DO something!

The country needs the President to do something. Your statements are important but they are not enough. Being the first black president is important but it is not enough. Your moral witness and courage in the face of this very same racial prejudice has been incredibly inspiring but it is not enough. [Read more…]

Has North Carolina become the “Hate State”?

Clearly, being Christian means something different to me than to many people in NC who are cite Christianity to support their intolerance. [Read more…]

Should Profit Be the Defining Factor of our Economy?

What does Colorado’s ballot initiative for universal healthcare have to do with the moral question of profits in the US? A lot! [Read more…]

The Threat of Hate in North Carolina: #WeAreNotThis

What happened Wednesday in North Carolina is about patriarchy and the authoritarian control of a legislature that feels the power to control social behavior slipping out of its hands. [Read more…]

The Threat of Obama

Racism is a deep malignancy in the very core of our identity as Americans. A malignancy that must be acknowledged before we can cut it out. [Read more…]

Is Slavery Really Over?

White people will never be able to understand the problem of policing and the black community until we are able to unpack the legacy of slavery and how contemporary prejudice and racism unfold directly from that legacy. [Read more…]

Homegrown Terrorism: Why Colorado is NOT the Action of a Lone Gunman

The truth is, all Christians, pro-life and pro-choice, need to change our behavior when it comes to the issue of abortion. [Read more…]

Violence and Ambiguity – What Can We Assert?

Ambiguity is an honest and appropriate response to events that are rapidly unfolding, complex, emotionally-charged, and multi-faceted. [Read more…]