How White People Gather to Undermine White Supremacy

Last Sunday, two colleagues and I greeted a group of thirty-three people over a shared meal in a church social hall to talk together about race and racism. With five different churches from four different traditions – UCC, Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian – we came together to talk about the problem of racism in our [Read More…]

Just What is Xenophobia?

In the inestimable words of Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” [Read more…]

How To Be an Effective White Ally

To destroy racism we have to destroy the system that was built upon Black people’s backs and to destroy that system is to destroy everything that white people hold near and dear to their heart. [Read more…]

The Threat of Obama

Racism is a deep malignancy in the very core of our identity as Americans. A malignancy that must be acknowledged before we can cut it out. [Read more…]

Is Slavery Really Over?

White people will never be able to understand the problem of policing and the black community until we are able to unpack the legacy of slavery and how contemporary prejudice and racism unfold directly from that legacy. [Read more…]

What’s a White Christian to Do? Racism, White Privilege, and Stepping Up

White privilege and racism will not go away until we begin to address these problems head-on. That is what the group of eighteen white Christians I met with on Sunday are beginning to do. To tell their stories of being white. To think about how we have been taught to think about race and to examine our lives, our habits, and the structures of our society to see the ways in which race is embedded in them. [Read more…]

Is a “Fair Trial” possible in a racist society?

Most of us aren’t trained to think about social problems in a structural way. When we think about racism we think about people who are prejudiced or who act in racist ways. When we talk about structural racism, we have to think about how the structure of our society are shaped by conscious and unconscious cultural prejudices.
[Read more…]

You Can Hang ‘Em From a Tree . . .

When I first watched the videos of young, white fraternity brothers casually singing their song of racism and lynching, I was transported back to my own college days in the mid-80s. I can’t be absolutely sure I heard that song but it was painfully familiar in a sickening and repulsive sort of way. I sort of [Read More…]

Forgetting Lynching at Our Peril

My third grader is a white child in a Title I school in our town. She’s writing a report on Harriet Tubman for her Black History month project and has spent the week devouring information about Tubman and proudly sharing stories and facts about her life with our whole family. “Mom, did you know Harriet [Read More…]

Bias against female professors is real

A history professor at Northeastern University in Boston has just developed a tool to search the ubiquitous student rankings found at “Rate My Professor.”  For those of you who don’t know ratemyprofessor, it is an online site where college students can go and “rate” their professors on a range of factors, some related to their [Read More…]