Don’t Miss The Fringe Events Around The Global #AtheistCon!

I’m packing shirts like this…

In order to wear them at events like these!

All events held at Embiggen Books are about half to three-quarters booked already - move fast and RSVP at 03 9662 2062 or or instore, so you don’t miss out!

WEDNESDAY (today!)

Nobel Prize Winner Peter Doherty and Peter Ellerton: Science, Scepticism and Society -  6.30pm at Embiggen BooksNobel Prize winner Peter Doherty in conversation with Peter Ellerton (winner of the Australian Skeptics critical thinking award 2008). Even as they become one with their smart phones, has the public truly lost its trust in science?  Event is held in the Embiggen Bookstore at 197-203 Lt Lonsdale St., between Swanston and Russell, behind the State Library. RSVP ESSENTIAL to 03 9662 2062 or or instore.


Graham Oppy, Meredith Doig & Russell Blackford at Embiggen Books6.30pm at Embiggen BooksNever mind The Four Horsemen, come and listen to the Trinity! Russell Blackford, Meredith Doig and Graham Oppy are three of Australia’s foremost intellectuals and they’ll be in-store to discuss possible ways to strengthen the secular nature of Australia’s democracy. Event at Embiggen Books at 197-203 Lt Lonsdale St., between Swanston and Russell, behind the State Library. RSVP ESSENTIAL to 03 9662 2062 or or instore.


Student Leadership Conference – 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.
Workshops, student panels, presentations and more. Enjoy a stand up buffet lunch with fellow students from all over Australia plus mingle with surprise guests from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention line-up.
Keynote speakers include Debbie Goddard (Centre For Inquiry – On Campus), Lyz Liddell (Secular Student Alliance) and Chris Stedman (Interfaith Coordinator of Harvard Humanist Chaplaincy).


AC Grayling And “The Good Book” – 10am – Embiggen Books. The Good Book, Grayling’s latest work has, perhaps strangely, been his most controversial. Written as an alternative to the Bible and read as a narrative, it draws upon an impressive line-up of secular writings throughout history. $5.00 incl. Coffee and muffins. Event at Embiggen Books at 197-203 Lt Lonsdale St., between Swanston and Russell, behind the State Library. RSVP ESSENTIAL to 03 9662 2062 or or instore.


You have THREE great events to choose from, and I highly recommend them all:

Test of Faith – Screening and Panel – featuring Jack Scanlan of the Young Australian Skeptics, Professor Graham Oppy, Emeritus Professor John Pilbrow, Associate Professor Alan Gijsbers & Dr Bruce Yabsley – 7pm until 9pm – State Library of Victoria, Village Roadshow Theatrette.
$10 per person (no prior registration required – just turn up on the night)

The Road Less Traveled: Chris Stedman, PZ Myers & Leslie Cannold –  6:15 pm – 8:15 pm – University of Melbourne, Elisabeth Murdoch Building.
Can believers and atheists work together for the common good? Join Chris Stedman, PZ Myers & Leslie Cannold in conversation with Meredith Doig. An oficial fringe event of the 2012 Global Atheist Convention. Tickets: $22/$12.

 The Launch Of Shelley Segal’s An Atheist Album7:00pm until 12:00am – PJ O’Briens – Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct, Southbank. Starring Shelley Segal, Dan Barker & Simon Taylor - Performances start at 8pm. $10 entry or $15 with ‘An Atheist Album’.

Enjoy the week with all that’s on offer! I have to catch a plane now…

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  • Aliasalpha

    You’re only making me jealous that I can’t go!

  • FossilFishy

    Oh sure. Fine. Now I’m feeling really stupid that I didn’t make time to come down to Melbourne this weekend. I couldn’t afford the GAC but some of these would have been within reach. Blah.

    • Kylie Sturgess

      I’ve been pimping the Fringe events via blog, Facebook, podcast… for about two weeks! :( Honestly, that’s what I really love about this year, that there’s all the other THINGS and the Comedy Festival!