Safe, Happy In Berlin (Rather Cold Though!) #6WSC12

Just a quick (quick!) note – I have arrived in Berlin for the World Skeptics Congress and I’m still kind of getting over jet-lag. Because there’s no wifi at the conference hotel (I think?) I’m restricted with blogging, et al, but I’ll try when I can. This also means I’ll be turning off comments on the site, as I can’t moderate anything easily and have no time/access to interact (it seems fairer that way). I think it will also help me focus on the work I’ll be doing here, as I’m doing a presentation tomorrow and writing up the conference.

Arriving in Berlin

I should have two already-done podcast episodes out over the weekend, and then I’m taking a break for a while, as I have exams coming up very soon after I arrive home. Please check out the site to see them when they arrive!

Berlin Archaeopteryx


Me on the steps of the natural history museum in Berlin

Other than that, here’s a few photos – many, many thanks to Josephine and Martin and all the #6WSC12 conference for making this happen and I hope to write more in the future. See you around if you’re here!

Touring the Natural History Museum Berlin

Tour with Ande - Evolution in Action Berlin

Josephine and the mammoth

Berlin Lomography Shop

Where a Wall used to be...

City nature in Berlin - museum


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AstroFest Perth (Video From Previous Years)
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  • sabrinawolfgang

    make sure you check out the brandenburg gates at sunset/night when they turn the lights on. Also, go to the egyptian museum, they have the bust of nefertiti there. And one of the other museums has the gates of Ishtar (the blue castle).

    I went there last summer and was completely blown away by all of the different things that I saw. And just a little advice, if you plan to use the trains, make sure you not only get on the correct train, but that you get into the right car. Some of them split in the middle of the ride and go separate directions….

  • James

    Enjoy the conference, and thank you for sharing those lovely photos.

    • James

      ( … and good luck with your exams!)