How Blog Content Trumps Blog Controversy (Richard Dawkins On Twitter And Minchin’s YouTube Lament)

I’m currently very unwell and I’m struggling to focus on typing this – but the only thing that came to my (admittedly rather medicated) mind when I politely questioned Richard Dawkins’ claims on Twitter

…in regards to blogs posting controversial content just in order to gain ad revenue was this song:

Tim Minchin. The YouTube Lament.

All my carefully measured metaphor,
All my Flat 9 dominant seven chords
All my shtick, my lyrical trickery
All of those bows, all that applause

All my intertextuality
All my self-aware hypocrisy
All my rhymes, my irregular times
All my softly spoken sophistry.

All my make-up, all my lights,
All my photo shoots in tights,
All my pretensions, all my intentions
All my nervous opening nights.

All my brow-dependent jokes
All my mirror balls and smoke
All my tilts at wit and whimsy
All my poetry, my swear words and my smut

Will never get as many hits as…
Kittens waking up.

Funny fact: one of my most popular blogposts has been one about meeting Richard Dawkins. And I assure you, it wasn’t something I planned to happen to me, especially with armed guards for Ayaan Hirsi Ali being involved.

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