Little Kitten – Should You Get The HPV Vaccine?

Dr. Mike Evans and the Campaign to Control Cancer are very proud to launch a new video explaining the facts behind the HPV vaccination. “There is a lot of conflicting information out there, we want to present the facts in a simple way allowing people to make their own decision”

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  • davidct

    Good informative video. There is one point that could use some more emphasis. In recent years there has been a very significant increase in the incidence of oral cancers related to HPV 16,18. In the past most oral cancers were associated with tobacco and alcohol. They were rarely seen in young people. This has changed. Not only are the HPV related cancers now seen at an alarming rate in younger people but they occur further back in the mouth where they are harder to see. They are also fairly aggressive with a low survival rate unless detected early. Surgery is often very disfiguring. As with cervical cancer a large portion of these cancers are preventable with vaccination.