Little Kitten – Corn Flour Fireball By Veritasium

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  • ImaginesABeach

    I’m always looking for science to do with my Girl Scout troop. I think this one, I will just show the video.

  • navigator

    OK, I’ve shared it. Now I have to worry about this happening at our next party:)

  • The Phytophactor

    This can be done on a smaller scale, but also to good effect. Get a largish can with a push on lid, something 9-10 inches in diameter and a foot tall. Drill a hole in the bottom offset from the center. Put a small funnel attached to a long piece (4-5 feet) of plastic tubing. Put a small candle in the can, and light it. Put 1 rounded tsp of flour in the funnel. Push the lid on. A hard blow makes a dust of flour in the can that will burn fast enough to blow the lid off with quite some force. Best to make sure an antique chandlier is not hanging directly above.