Australian Vaccination Network Name… Is No More – NSW Office Of Fair Trading

Breaking news. Sydney Morning Herald: Minister orders anti-vaccination group to change its name. The NSW Office of Fair Trading doorstopped the home of Australian Vaccination Network president Meryl Dorey yesterday with a letter of action, labelling the network's name misleading and a detriment to the community. Further information on the site - with an incredibly strong message about how these anti-vaccination proponents are being labelled by the government:  NSW Fair Trading Min … [Read more...]

Vaccination Myths Must-Reads And References To Pass-Onto-Others Of The Day

Two in one? Yes.Monday’s medical myth: childhood vaccinations are dangerous - Fiona Stanley, The Conversation (she happens to be local to me and very much admired by the whole country): Because today’s parents don’t have first-hand experience with dangerous infectious diseases they can be misled by myths about the supposed dangers of childhood vaccination: for instance, whooping cough vaccine causes brain damage; the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism and vaccination causes … [Read more...]

A Stanislaw Burzynski Patient – The Storify On The Death Of Rachael E. Mackey

Back in December, 2011, I interviewed Andy Lewis of the website Quackometer - On Stanislaw Burzynski, the Streisand Effect, and Standing Up for Skeptical Bloggers.You can hear the interview on the Token Skeptic podcast: Kylie Sturgess:  Who is Stanislaw Burzynski? Andy Lewis:  Well, that’s a very good question. As far as I can understand, he’s a doctor based in Texas who a number of years ago came up with an idea that certain sorts of chemicals were missing from cancer patients, and if you coul … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour – Tasmanian Devils And Jenny McCarthy Mommy Blogger (No, Not Versus Each Other…)

Firstly, sorry to people attending the Meetup tonight at UWA - I'm exhausted after running around the city today and have to take a break (and I have a late night intensive interview, so I better err on the side of my health). If you are attending the UWA Science and the Supernatural Cafe, I hope you have a great time.A few things that additionally caught my eye today:Washington Post - Jenny McCarthy to blog about parenting for Chicago Sun-Times Some in the autism community are concerned … [Read more...]

Sir Says, ‘God created the World’ – Questions About Teaching The Controver[sies] In Schools

Recently I read a link via Twitter about allowing a homeopath to present to a group of schoolchildren and I had some doubts about the wisdom of teachers doing this - primarily because I don't know much about the context of what the students really knew about the topic (and whether their parents, and other staff members knew of the lecture, but I guess you can ask on the site) - and also because of ongoing debates about teaching claims like creationism in schools. Are they equivalent?Here's … [Read more...]

Bad Science Watch Launch Video

Toronto, ON – Monday, July 9th, 2012 – Bad Science Watch, a new Canadian science advocacy group, has issued a challenge to the Canadian government: stick to the science in the development and implementation of important policy decisions. This group will work diligently to ensure Canadians are protected from exploitation by unscrupulous organizations peddling useless and potentially harmful products and services. Bad Science Watch strives to serve as a key Canadian lobbying organisation, ded … [Read more...]

After The Storm – Edzard Ernst On Alternative And Complimentary Medicine At #6WSC12

Many thanks again to the GWUP, World Skeptics Congress and everyone involved in getting these great talks online. … [Read more...]

Alternative Cancer Treatments Bring Death To Four In Perth

From The West Australian:Deputy State Coroner Evelyn Vicker investigated the deaths of Sandra McCarty, Pia Bosso, Sandra Kokalis, Deborah Gruber, and Carmelo Vinciullo after they all undertook the radical cancer therapy at Kathi Preston Memorial Health Centre - which operated a "clinic" out of Dr Boyd's home in 2005.Austrian doctor Hellfried Sartori was the mastermind behind the treatment, and the inquest heard he had his medical licence revoked in several states of the USA and was jailed … [Read more...]

Autism, Pseudoscience And Skepticism – Now A New Development To Watch Out For

...just on the heels of my talk about pseudoscience, education, autism, etc. in Berlin...From Forbes, Steven Salzberg - Nobel laureate joins anti-vaccination crowd at Autism One: "It’s no surprise that Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield, leaders of the anti-vaccine movement, are speaking at AutismOne.  Much more surprising is the presence of Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of the link between the HIV virus and AIDS.  What is he doing at this festival of pseudoscience?Well, appar … [Read more...]

Two Token Episodes For May – Thank You To All The Listeners!

Two great interviews that I'm very proud to features - one from my home town and one from Germany, where I'll be heading, very soon!You might have heard about a recently published paper that featured on Nature News: Deep Sequencing of Plant and Animal DNA Contained within Traditional Chinese Medicines Reveals Legality Issues and Health Safety Concerns. I got to speak to one of the scientists involved, Dr Mike Bunce of Murdoch University's Ancient DNA Research Laboratory!From Nature … [Read more...]

Thanks American Airlines – Anti-Vaccination Message Shot Out Of The Skies

In case you missed it on other blogs and news updates (such as the ever-dedicated Doubtful News) - a little while back, I got an alert: American Airlines have acquiesced to a 3 1/2 min AVN interview on the in-flight "Executive Report". The audio will play on 58,000 American Airline flights between July and August and the "interview" will feature in the American Way in-flight magazine. This resulted in a 2000+ signed petition (they nearly got to the goal of 2500!) over on, called "Ask A … [Read more...]