Study Break! (And Send In Your Support To RTRFM)

I'm on a study break (in fact, the only reason I'm posting this is because of some revolting spam that got posted, which will no longer appear here any more) in order to finish two assignments. Assignments like "Design a digital media strategy with multimedia content for an event of your choice. Present in the form of an online pitch using presentation software".That's taking some time to finish, so here's a few links to tide readers and/or listeners over. Podcasts already out … [Read more...]

Updates, Sydney Travels, Token Skeptic Podcast And Trolling With Logic 24 Hours Show!

Well, it's been a while since I've updated this blog... no, I'm not dead, nor abandoning blogging altogether, although it'd great to think that real-life is providing so much stimulation and challenges that I can't regularly put my computer to use in this fashion!What's been going on?Firstly and more importantly - podcast Episode One Hundred And Eighty Four – On Safe And Secular – Interview With Michael De Dora. Check out Safe And Secular to find out more.And I really want to mention … [Read more...]

The #VividSydney #VividIdeas Weekend

Well this is overdue! What happened over the weekend? A very quickly organised and fast running adventure on the other side of the country, with huge thanks to the organisers and my great friend Trish who agreed to come along![View the story "The #VividSydney #VividIdeas Weekend" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Nothing to Prove – Geek Girls & The Doubleclicks

Thank you to Gerry for this find!We took submissions for this project on our last nationwide tour, & online. We received somewhere between 150-250 geek girl videos, as well as some from some awesome prominent geeks: Kelly Sue Deconnick, Amy Berg, John Scalzi, Josh A. Cagan, Adam Savage, Paul & Storm, Wil Wheaton, Marian Call & more. Thank you to EVERYONE who made this possible!The video was directed and edited by Angela Webber (of the Doubleclicks.) The video concept is by … [Read more...]

Update To The Atheist Blogs – Tune In After Saturday’s Upgrade!

A few things -1) The blogs are being upgraded, so there's a break for Saturday from blogging all over (do check out The Inaugural Patheos Atheists Blog Carnival listing though - some great reads and even two of my posts are featured!)2) 365 Days of Philosophy is still ongoing (what a surprise, it's going all year after all) - check out the site at ScienceRewired - are you thinking about adding some ideas for discussion? Pop them in at … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – QEDcon Intro Animation 2013

"From cavemen to Cox, QED approached us to animate a sequence for their annual conference QEDcon.We illustrated and animated 20 brief sequences which illustrate great moments in the history of science, from the discovery of fire through vaccination, and relativity to the Large Hadron Collider. This project was particularly fun to work on and collaborate with composer and sound artist Milton Mermikides, and I think it shows" … [Read more...]

Homeopathy Awareness Week – Why Fall For Homeopathy?

World Homeopathy Week is April 10th-16th in 2013. [Back blogging next week, until then, here's something with thanks to co-contributors Matt Rogers of and music by Milton Mermikides - 'Primal Sound' from] … [Read more...]

Week One Breakfast – 50ml In Leederville, Perth

Last week I visited 50ml in Leederville and here's a record of my breakfast. Since I'll be heading in early several times a week in order to attend school, I thought I'd check out some of the venues on my way. A few notes - coffee was okay, nothing special. Cash only. Very nice atmosphere and the staff were good. But it was the cooking smell of pancakes and berries that drew me in, and the orange juice was fantastic. [View the story "Week One Breakfast - 50ml in Leederville" on Storify] … [Read more...]

King Richard III, Carpark And Clydesdales. Because I Can.

It's the first week of classes for a new course I'm doing, so you must expect a break from skepticism, science, et al until I've got my feet under me again, oh everyone-who-reads-the-blog-and-gets-an-Impostor-notification-whenever-they-try-to-comment-so-that's-why-there's-no-comments.I tell myself that. Often.We all love you anyway, evidence:I'm grading papers too. Must grade papers. Reminder, go home and grade, after today. Therefore, enjoy: … [Read more...]

Very Odd Profile Article With Laser-Beam Dinosaurs And Daniel Loxton At Young Australian Skeptics Site

Still recovering. This was written during one of the many times when I couldn't sleep and demonstrates why I should have taken a break for my health much earlier, really..20 SKEPTICS YOU SHOULD KNOW: DANIEL LOXTONThe man has the job of Editor of the Junior Skeptic insert in Skeptic Magazine, which pretty much reduces everyone else’s career into muttering envy over by the Skeptic​.com booktable at major conferences. And by “running”, I mean he does the research, the interviews, creates artwo … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday David Bowie (Where Are We Now?)

Produced by long term collaborator Tony Visconti, 'Where Are We Now?' was written by David Bowie, and was recorded in New York. This haunting video was directed by Tony Oursler and harks back to David's time in Berlin. He is seen looking in on footage of the auto repair shop beneath the apartment he lived in along with stark images of the city at the time and a lyric constantly raising the question "Where Are We Now?" Pre-order 'THE NEXT DAY' in the iTunes store: Standard: … [Read more...]