Twitter Trends And Storify on Jabbed: Love, Fear And Vaccines – Documentary On SBS #JabbedSBS

Storify of Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, aired May 26th on SBS Australia. I first learned of this documentary when I interviewed the director back in 2012.SBS has it for on demand viewing here: - an event coming up in June: NB - JABBED FORUM: Melbourne, 5th June. At the forum Sonya will discuss why she made JABBED and how it has changed her view of vaccination and the conversations we need to have. Th … [Read more...]

On Vaccinations – Australia Continues To Take A Stand For Health – Token Skeptic Podcast

New Token Skeptic podcast: Episode One Hundred And Sixty One – On Vaccinations – Interview With Associate Professor Peter Richmond.Tomorrow morning's Sunday Telegraph in Australia - and already online:Grieving parents speak out against anti-vaccination extremists - The Sunday Telegraph: ...As Toni held her tiny baby, she couldn't comprehend the loss, or how they would survive the sorrow. Little did they know then that Dana's death from whooping cough, and the media coverage that follo … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Ray Hyman – “How to Tell the Future” – TAM 2012

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Australia’s Daily Telegraph Continues #NoJabNoPlay Campaign – Gets Tony Abbott Endorsement

Morning paper in New South Wales - for the 12th May! What have they continued to serve up? Let's get political! By Jane Hansen - Tony Abbott backs No Jab, No Play campaign:A TONY Abbott-led government will crack down on people who choose not to vaccinate their children by supporting childcare centres' right to turn away children who are not immunised and by reviewing family benefit payments to vaccine refusers.In response to The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph's No Jab, No Play … [Read more...]

Holding the Australian Vaccination Network to Account – Video Of Anthony Roberts MP In Parliment

"The O'Farrell-Stoner Government is commited to protecting the community from being misled by the Australian Vaccination Network and its anti-immunisation scare campaign." … [Read more...]

Interview With Dr Brooke Magnanti #SSAWeek

Welcome to Hour Twenty-Two of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!DONATE HERE!There’s 24 posts for every hour of today, looking at issues involving secularism, skepticism, atheism, feminism, science, philosophy and more - in order to support and urge you to donate to SSAWeek2013 at following is partially taken from the Token Skeptic podcast #127, where I interviewed Dr Magnanti, on her book The Sex Myth.What is a sex myth and how do we spot one? Where do our … [Read more...]

Interview With Let Toys Be Toys – Activists For De-Genderisation Of Toys #SSAWeek

Welcome to Hour Three of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!DONATE HERE!There's 24 posts for every hour of today, looking at issues involving secularism, skepticism, atheism, feminism, science, philosophy and more - in order to support and urge you to donate to SSAWeek2013 at Firstly, a press release by Let Toys Be Toys - I first learned about this group earlier this year via an article in the New Statesman, entitled "Since when were science toys just for boys?". J … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour – AVN Under HCCC Fire, Swisse Vs ABC’s The Checkout And James “Bomb Detector” McCormick Jailed

A few links from around the traps, that have distracted me a little during this heinously busy week:Firstly, some good news - HCCC (Australian Health Care Complaints Commission) power boosted after anti-vax feud - The Medical Observer: THE NSW Health Care Complaints Commission’s (HCCC) bitter feud with anti-vaccine lobbyists has propelled the state government to dramatically increase the body’s powers, enabling it to launch practitioner investigations without a patient complaint.Until no … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – NECSS – Simon Singh Interviewed By Jamy Ian Swiss

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The Daily Show: John Oliver Investigates Gun Control in Australia – Part 2

Thanks to Comedy Central, you can also see Part One. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – The Checkout (Episode Five)

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