Australian Media – Wakefield’s MMR Claims And Wales Epidemic

Lateline -Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Reporter: Mary GearinAn epidemic of measles in Wales has been blamed on an anti-vaccination campaign a decade ago which scared parents away from the combined measles and whopping cough vaccination called MMR. … [Read more...]

Homeopathy Awareness Week – Why Fall For Homeopathy?

World Homeopathy Week is April 10th-16th in 2013. [Back blogging next week, until then, here's something with thanks to co-contributors Matt Rogers of and music by Milton Mermikides - 'Primal Sound' from] … [Read more...]

Support Stopping Funding For Homeopathy In India – A Call For Petition Signatures

I just got mail from Deepak Gupta from may have written to you earlier for my documentary on Homeopathy - here's the trailer:...As a follow up to the documentary, I am trying to gather support to stop Indian government from funding homeopathy (or in other words stop wasting public money on fantasies).India is one of the biggest markets for the homeopathy industry. However, there is hardly any opposition to homeopathy in India as of now. If homeopathy is … [Read more...]

Desiree Schell: No Gods, No Masters: Unexplored Links Between Unions And Freethought

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Little Kitten – The Checkout (Ep #3)

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The Checkout – Episode Two

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