Australia’s Girlfriend Magazine Takes Steps To Help Talk About Sex – With Science!

Science communicators in Australia are really fantastic and I'm looking forward to the ASC14 conference, where I'll get to learn more about the kinds of projects that have been going on in Australia... like right now, today!I've been busy doing the promoting #ASC14, its people and podcasting throughout, and this news about a press briefing reached me while I was editing. I'll post more links when they become available - in the meantime, here's the rundown.Girlfriend magazine is pretty … [Read more...]

UWA Atheist And Skeptic Society – Blogging Their Concern About Creationists On Campus

You can check out their website at - here's their most recent concern: In August 2013, a church group called Zion Praise Harvest held several lectures in Perth by young earth creationist, John Mackay. This included a few lectures in churches, as well as one at Curtin University and one at the University of Western Australia. Entitled “Exposing Evolution, Confirming Creation”, the lecture at UWA had no substance and presented no evidence. Click on through to read the entire sa … [Read more...]

On Not Being Mommy To The Rest Of The Broadcasting Class – An Application Essay


Last year I had the very unfortunate experience of being told that the only place for a woman in a broadcasting course - a woman who was older than the average undergraduate - was to take a “motherly, nurturing” role in comparison to other students.The expectation was expressed that such a woman should view their own experiences, qualifications and professionalism as being somehow lesser than the younger students, who should be more “nurtured” in comparison - and that such a woman would not b … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Tim Minchin Occasional Address and Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters

Full transcript here. … [Read more...]

NECSS Presentation – Sharon Hill With Sounds Sciencey

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Documentary Jabbed Seeks Feedback

Just landed in the email: Following the broadcast of the television documentary, 'JABBED - love, fear and vaccines' on SBS One, Sunday 26 May 2013, we seek your feedback. If you missed the documentary you can watch it, in Australia, free of charge, on the SBS website: And on Wednesday Melburnians can participate in a public forum with Sonya, Gus Nossal, Ingrid Scheffer and Jenny Royle: Backed by leading scientists in the field, including Sir Gustav Nossal, Prof … [Read more...]

Twitter Trends And Storify on Jabbed: Love, Fear And Vaccines – Documentary On SBS #JabbedSBS

Storify of Jabbed: Love, Fear and Vaccines, aired May 26th on SBS Australia. I first learned of this documentary when I interviewed the director back in 2012.SBS has it for on demand viewing here: - an event coming up in June: NB - JABBED FORUM: Melbourne, 5th June. At the forum Sonya will discuss why she made JABBED and how it has changed her view of vaccination and the conversations we need to have. Th … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Ray Hyman – “How to Tell the Future” – TAM 2012

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#BigSci13 Storify Of #OnSci – Challenges, Impediments And Issues Facing Science Communicators, Educators, Policymakers And Innovators In Australia

Check out all the blogging over on the official ScienceRewired site at - and if any of the discussion points fire you up, contribute some of your OWN ideas at:*****[View the story "#bigsci13 - The Challenges - #onsci" on Storify] … [Read more...]

Blogging Your Way To A Thesis In Parapsychology (AKA Superstitions Aren’t So Bad After All)

M.Ed Thesis

Siouxsie asked via Twitter if I could resurect a blog post about blogging (how meta...) from a while back - so, just before I run out the door in order to go do some radio-recording volunteering at a central city campus (interviewing people about career choices via street vox pop!), I decided to zip a few details down.There's a lot of interest in the influence of online writing upon science communication, some of it will most likely be discussed at a forthcoming convention, … [Read more...]

Recipe For Completing Philosophy Essay Grading

marking May '13

Ingredients:1 x folder for placing completed essays in1 x pile of essays for grading2 x pens for grading1 x rubber duck just because1 x pencil case with additional pens1 x pad of marking guide for writing feedback on essays1 x diary for writing down things that suddenly come to mind and try to distract you from grading.1 x sticky notes for jotting down points that come in common across essays for general feedback and/or additional notations1 x phone set on … [Read more...]