Lecture – Elizabeth Loftus: Memory Matters

"People sometimes remember things that never happened." The BHA, Centre for Inquiry UK, Goldsmiths' Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit present Elizabeth Loftus on Memory Matters, exploring how and why this happens. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Read Science! We Love Dinos Edition

Google Hangout, featuring Brian Switek (@Laelaps), Joanne Manaster (@sciencegoddess), Jeff Shaumeyer (@scienticity) and Daniel Loxton (@Daniel_Loxton). And dinosaurs! … [Read more...]

Podcasts – ScienceRewired, 365 Days Of Philosophy And Token Skeptic Shows Now Out #scicomm


I've been very busy over my brief holiday break - the important thing is that if you're in Australia and interested in science communication, science education and science outreach, that you check out some of the presenters at the forthcoming ScienceRewired Big Science Communication Summit and consider not only:Giving feedback on what is discussed (think of it like a "wiki" for things that will be raised at the event), but Consider signing up to present yourself!For these interviews, … [Read more...]

Interested In Philosophy Classes? Take A Class With Dan!

Just got a cool email - fellow bloggy-Patheos-fellow Dan Fincke is getting some new non-matriculated online courses together! The idea is to schedule summer classes in mid-May so that he can start them in June or July. "In this post I report back on how my online classes have been going and link to this new survey which you can fill out if you would like me to teach you philosophy or give you philosophical counseling this summer and/or fall. It’s like reading Camels With Hammers, but instead you … [Read more...]

Interviews For The Big Science Communication Summit – Happening At UNSW In June! #BigSci13 #SciComm


Here's some interviews I've been working on with some fascinating science communicators (and the reason why!):ScienceRewired's Big Science Communication Summit now features a number of interviews with presenters at its forthcoming conference at: http://audioboo.fm/sciencerewiredFind out more about the event from interviews with Dr Craig Cormick, Prof. Leonie Rennie and Dr Rod Lamberts, with more featured over the next few weeks. Also available on iTunes … [Read more...]

Interview With Sharon Hill On The Media Guide To Skepticism


A little while back I conducted an interview with Sharon Hill, after reading a document that features on the Doubtful News website. It’s called The Media Guide To Skepticism and features some fascinating tips and guidance for anyone interested in finding out more about skepticism.Sharon Hill has recently started writing for the Huffington Post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sharon-hill and you can also find her monthly column “Sounds Sciencey“ over on the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry web … [Read more...]

Your Creative Brain: Neuroscience Of Imagination

Features Milton, who does some of the music for my podcast!In partnership with UCL Neuroscience, an exploration of the human brain investigating imagination and creativity from multiple angles. Performers included neuroscientists, artists, musicians, philosophers and the Blind Summit Puppeteers. Throughout the evening, topics such as, 'what makes us creative', 'is there such a thing as a creative 'type' and 'can we learn to be creative' were discussed. … [Read more...]

The Honest Liar – Homeopathy: Money for Nothing

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Little Kitten – What Is The Higgs Boson?

Thanks to Alom for this find. … [Read more...]

ScienceRewired – The Big Science Communications Summit – Tickets On Sale Now

sciencerewired 2013

Spreading the word about what's coming up very soon! Tickets are now on sale: 6th & 7th June - University of New South Wales: Scientia Conference and Events CentreInspiring Australia, TechNyou and ScienceRewired are excited to announce a 2-day hands-on summit to map out the next challenges for science communications in Australia and to collaboratively address best-practice solutions.Bringing the country's leading science communicators, innovators, science journalists, decision … [Read more...]

Trailer – Jabbed: Love, Fear And Vaccines

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