Q And A – The F Word (Feminism)

Monday, 8 April 2013. Panellists: Germaine Greer - Feminist icon and provocateur Mia Freedman - Mamamia founder and director Deborah Cheetham - Indigenous opera singer Janet Albrechtsen - Opinion columnist for The Australian Dr Brooke Magnanti - Research Scientist and Author "Belle de Jour" … [Read more...]

#AllAboutWomen – Sydney, 7th April 2013 – Storify Of Tweets, Photos

[View the story "#AllAboutWomen - Sydney, 7th April 2013" on Storify]I should point out that this is unedited (and was done about five times until my computer stopped crashing, so I can't guarantee that the 1700+ Tweets and images are all included). This is an event I would have enjoyed attending, but thanks to everyone online, there's a lot of detail in them... and as soon as I have time, I'll fix up the Storify.Do catch Q&A tomorrow, where Dr Magnanti (and Germaine Greer! And many … [Read more...]

Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage

I'm just sorry I missed this for IWD! With thanks to Daniel Loxton for both:Making of: … [Read more...]

Sleepwalking Into Sexism – By Harriet Page #IWD

As the title says (and quote marks imply) - by HARRIET PAGE. Not me. Direct comments to the FB link.It has been a bad few weeks for feminism, both for me on a personal level and for women across the world. Indulge me while I list a few reasons why:Seth McFarlane thought it was ok to reduce the artistic expression of women who chose to appear naked in movies to little more than a voyeuristic ditty about boobs. One of my friends, a man I like and respect, told me I was overreacting when I … [Read more...]

International Women’s Day – Kiva And 365 Days Of Philosophy #IWD

So, I'm researching ideas for the 365 Days of Philosophy site and find the following video:Depressing. Although I find some useful links over on the UNESCO site, featuring the International Network of Women Philosophers sponsored by UNESCO, unfortunately it seems the journal they feature stalled back in 2011. But it's still got the archive up and that provides some resources for checking out.UNESCO - 12 Ways to Celebrate International Women’s DayIn the meantime, the following from … [Read more...]

Links Du Jour – Help Out Astrosphere, Hacked Off With Harassment And High School Philosophy (Yes It Does Exist)

Dr Pamela Gay writes: I run the non-profit Astrosphere New Media, which pays for+CosmoQuest 's servers, the production of many Hangouts, and 365 Days of Astronomy. This year, our donations were down a lot but our costs were up significantly because of all our new programs. If you are looking to reduce your tax liability, can you please consider giving? And even if you aren't looking to reduce your tax liability, and you just want to support a small team working hard to do a lot, can you consider … [Read more...]

Young Vagabond – An Australian Teen Magazine With A Difference

It's been too lovely a day to end it on a negative - how's this for a positive? The future Australian magazine Young Vagabond is seeking funding via Pozible and has thirty days to do so:Young Vagabond from Young Vagabond on Vimeo. Young Vagabond is a new magazine for teenage girls, offering an alternative to other print publications, which often have an unhealthy focus on image and sexuality.Our aim: Through Young Vagabond, we aim to give young women a voice, and a magazine that they want t … [Read more...]

#SayNeighToSexism – Sunday Telegraph Names Australian Sportswoman of the Year: A Horse

I'm not kidding.The Australian Sunday Telegraph names Black Caviar (a horse) Australian Sportswoman of the Year.  Never mind the feats of comeback queen cyclist Anna Meares, hurdler Sally Pearson (both Meares and Pearson took gold during the London Olympics), Jacqueline Freney who won no less than eight gold medals in the pool at the Paralympics or  Steph Gilmore who is now a FIVE time world surfing champion, Rothfield and Hadland saw fit to give the Sportswoman of the year award to a … [Read more...]

Ireland Revising Abortion Laws

A little while back I conducted an interview with the Skeprechaun Podcast, called Episode One Hundred And Forty Six – On Savita Halappanavar, where I asked some questions about their Skeprechaun episode #33 called “For Savita”. Both episodes contains potentially distressing content, as we both talk about the death of Savita Halappanavar.News today from the Sydney Morning Herald:DUBLIN: Ireland will legalise abortions when the mother's life is at risk, including when suicidal, following the … [Read more...]

Science. It’s A Thing.4.Girls

The European Commission spent over £80,000 making the atrocious "Science: It's a Girl Thing" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g032MPrSjFA). A group of Bristol Psychologists decided to see if they could do it better on a budget of £7.66. Thanks to Prof. Bruce M Hood for this find! … [Read more...]

New Token Skeptic Podcast – On Savita Halappanavar – Interview With The Skeprechaun Podcast

This episode focuses on my questions of the Skeprechaun Podcast - produced by two Irish skeptics Rebecca and Fionnula, looking at their excellent episode #33 called "For Savita". Both episodes contains potentially distressing content, as we both talk about the death of Savita Halappanavar. While the podcasters Rebecca O'Neill and Fionnuala Murphy of Skeprechauns have lively, entertaining and often humorous takes on issues involving skepticism and science, their most recent episode looked on the … [Read more...]