…And Then, The End.

This is the last blogpost - many thanks to those who have supported me. Many thanks to Ed Brayton and Digital Cuttlefish in particular.A while back I made this list. It's been quite a journey.The 365 Days of Philosophy and Token Skeptic podcast and other writing ventures (Curiouser and Curiouser over on CSI) will continue. I'll be working at ScienceRewired later this year.Soon: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/tokenskeptic - please change any bookmarks to there, in about a week or so. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Adam Hills Deservedly Destroys Joan Rivers (Adele Comments)

I like Australian comedians, in general. How dare you make fun of one of the best female role models on the planet for the way she looks! … [Read more...]

My Time At FreeThought Blogs – October 1st, 2011 To Now #FTBullies

Here's a tally of some of the things I did over this time:Presented at:The World Skeptics Congress, Berlin MC of the Global Atheist Convention ScienceRewireda few future gigs, such as a talk at UWA later this week on science podcasting. Published:The Scope of Skepticism: Interviews, Essays and Observations from the Token Skeptic Podcast - book Skeptical Blog Anthology: The Young Australian Skeptics - book(With a TREMENDOUS amount of help; thanks to all involved, for both p … [Read more...]

Long Weekend Pending, A Discussion About Bloggers Asking For Help (While Waiting For Students To Arrive)

Oh dear holy hades. My papers are graded and on their way back to students. I have succeeded in my goal to have everything done.What has FTB got in store for me in my mailbox?Two bits of spam, one in response to the snappy video about the next StarCraft game that I posted, which starts with: AFTERLIFE SCIENTIFIC EVOLVEMENT: The following is VERY IMPORTANT if you are interested in being open minded about life after death. ... and then proceeds to go where no StarCraft game has never gone … [Read more...]

How Blog Content Trumps Blog Controversy (Richard Dawkins On Twitter And Minchin’s YouTube Lament)

I'm currently very unwell and I'm struggling to focus on typing this - but the only thing that came to my (admittedly rather medicated) mind when I politely questioned Richard Dawkins' claims on Twitter......in regards to blogs posting controversial content just in order to gain ad revenue was this song:Tim Minchin. The YouTube Lament.All my carefully measured metaphor, All my Flat 9 dominant seven chords All my shtick, my lyrical trickery All of those bows, all that applauseAll my … [Read more...]

I’m Not An A+ (I’m Usually Quite Happy Being O+ Most Days)

Today was a good day and it's been of those days that had me sitting down in the ECU library, looking out at the rain and trying to figure out what exactly I want to do with my life.I had an interview today (yes, I know - here I am blogging about what I do and I wanted to take a break from blogging...) that really gave me some food for thought and I guess I'm at a bit of a loss as to if (and it's a huge if) something does happen as a result of that interview - do I want to make that … [Read more...]

How To Be Fed Up – 101

Lesson One: WHAT IS A COMMUNITY? We recently posted an innocent looking piece of fan art on Facebook that was created by one of our community members. The image playfully mashed up the themes of Mass Effect and My Little Pony, depicting the Pinkie Pie character in N7 armor. We thought it was hilarious and wanted to let the rest of our community in on the fun... Lesson Two: Jason Manford on Trolls and Gary Barlow ...But during the Olympic closing ceremony I posted this: “Fair play Gary Barlow. Wha … [Read more...]

On Advice For A FreeThought Blog (By Notung)

Since I'm heading out today in about half an hour to farewell one of the long-term contributors to the Perth Atheists In The Pub and Perth Skeptics group...[They are going to Japan to teach English - after they've spent years promoting events in this town, including running lunches averaging around fifty; planning their forthcoming SkeptiCamp and even getting people together for group photos at a crowded Global Atheist Convention AND hosting a late-night rationalist radio show... yes, they are … [Read more...]

The Road Less Travelled Video – With PZ Myers, Chris Stedman, Leslie Cannold And Meredith Doig

The Road Less Travelled with Meredith Doig, PZ Myers, Chris Stedman, Leslie Cannold. "Can Atheists and Believers work together for the common good?"On Monday 16 April 2012, the day after the fabulous Global Atheist Convention, we brought together three fiercely articulate freethinkers to argue the question "Can Atheists and Believers work together for the common good?" Chris Stedman is the first Interfaith and Community Service Fellow for the Humanist Chapliancy at Harvard University. Chris … [Read more...]

An Unconventional Not-Quite-Convention Post #AtheistCon

My feet hurt.That's it, back to what you were doing.Hey, the UWA Atheists and Skeptics got a shout-out in the West Australian newspaper! Oh, look, it's the view from my hotel room... Okay, that's not all that's been going on, but here's the VERY RAPID SUMMARY. … [Read more...]

Welcome Taslima Nasrin (And The Addition Of New FTB Bloggers In General)

Check out my birthday present! This is the superhero "The Token Skeptic" - you can get your very own hero thanks to Len Peralta, over at http://www.the50vs50.com.It's the Saturday before the Global Atheist Convention, so I'm heading out to dye my hair a few different shades of red, so I don't completely disappear into the black skirted-background of the stage. These. Are. The. Things. That. Occupy. Me. When. I. Should. Be. Editing. My. Assignment. Sheesh.Firstly, yes, the rumours are true - T … [Read more...]