Swimming Your Way – New Children’s Paleofiction – Plesiosaur Peril!


I got a great email this morning, which brightened up the day. My niece is the owner of the first two in the series and I'll be getting her a copy of the third: I'm excited to announce that my brand new children's paleofiction storybook Plesiosaur Peril is hitting stores now (official release, March 1, … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Olivia Wilde: State of Female Justice

Here, actress Olivia Wilde joins the State of Female Justice panel to discuss the responsibilities of celebrities towards advancing social justice and the portrayals of women in the media. … [Read more...]

Honey Badgers – Masters Of Mayhem (From YouTube Honeybadgers To Mainstream TV)

When I was at the last Australian Science Communicators conference (#ASC14), I really enjoyed checking out what are some of the new documentaries and videos (and the growth of new online providers of science, via YouTube, such as Veritasium, et al) - but I didn't see this one.From YouTube to TV. Honeybadger don't give a #$&^#$ by Randall? Now on PBS!PBS' Nature: http://full.sc/1dEfylb Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem airs Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at 8pm on PBS. What would … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – How Wolves Change Rivers

A while back, when I was in Berlin, some of the people I met tried talking to me about the importance of wolves to the European wildlife, and I knew a little about what they meant. I had taught the novel "Wolf" by Gillian Cross, in conjunction with a movie "Never Cry Wolf", and many of my students sought out their own novels with "Wolf" in the title and did book reviews.In short, I enjoyed this video: … [Read more...]

Ellen Page Joins HRCF’s Time to Thrive Conference

On Friday, February 14, actress Ellen Page speaks about the brave decision to live openly and authentically.Read the transcript over here on the HRC.org site. … [Read more...]

Damn You, Beer Ad

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Darwin Day

[Read more...]

Little Kitten – The Gap (Ira Glass)

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Royal-ly Pissed (Lorde Parody) #Top100 NSFW

By Australian comedy group, the Stepmates. … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Songs For Australia Day

Thanks for calling, but I'm out at the moment, attending this event:Yes, I assure you, it's going to be as bad as it looks. Even paranormal believers can't believe it.But since this is a pre-written blogpost, I thought I'd zip you something to get through the day:Recently I've been enjoying this song... and not just because it samples a favourite musical of mine. I hope it cheers people up:However - it is Australia Day, and the Triple J Top 100 has been playing just … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – Lorde “Royals” – Go Go Version

I'll have some audio of my own for you all tomorrow (in fact, I should do a round-up) - but in the meantime:Check out the full story over on The Washington Post. … [Read more...]