Anyone Else Put Out The Kerbside Collection And Find It Tomorrow On Someone Else’s Lawn?

"Take the broken household goods in my car down to the rubbish tip / Come back with more junk that I came down with."- paraphrasing a song by 90s comedy group Found Objects.It can't just be my suburb that has people who check out the abandoned hard rubbish collection, take their pickings, realise why they've been discarded and either:a) put it back on my lawnb) put it on their lawn to be collected.only for the cycle to begin again.The council says they will collect:* Whitegoods * … [Read more...]

The Story Of “Keep Calm And Carry On”

You may be sick to death of it (and its variations)... but an interesting story. … [Read more...]

A TED Speaker’s Worst Nightmare

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Oh My Not-God – I Got Balloons And Flowers!

This has never happened before. As in ever.Okay - I remember once getting a gorgeous (and ginormous) display of red roses at my workplace one Valentine's Day years ago - which meant I blushingly fetched them from the front office and RAN to my car to hide them before the whole school saw them.But then the most gossipy staff-member in the southern hemisphere saw me attempting (in vain) to wedge them out of sight behind the passenger seat of my car, and called out across the courtyard "WHAT … [Read more...]

The Daly Superheroes With Nathan Fillion

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Batman Parody: The Dark Knight Is Confused

Batman's beginning to wonder if his movie makes any sense at all. … [Read more...]

Performer Vs Audience (And The Performing Brain At The British Library In March)

Me: I'm not getting out of bed today. Or tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Or tomorrow. Or the day after that.Planet Earth: Nonsense. You're writing a blog-post, even if it's nearly 1am - because people get concerned otherwise. AND here's Simon Pegg Holding Some Twine. Things can't be so bad. Plus, perspective - now you have it:By the way, catch the guitarist himself at the British Library on Friday, 16th March at 6.30pm: The performing Brain - A moving story.Milton will be speaking and  playing guita … [Read more...]

Faraday’s Candle – RIAus Fringe Show

Congratulations to Perth Atheists - around 50 people attended Darwin Day at the Perth Zoo on Sunday, 12th February.Our Fringe Show 'Faraday’s candle' explores the genius of Michael Faraday, the eminent scientist who saw beauty and wonder in the chemistry of a candle. Relive bygone times when great scientists presented in front of crowds at the Royal Institution. Join us for the show from 8 March … [Read more...]

How Americans Sound To British People

Thanks to Charlotte for this find! … [Read more...]

The Big Inflatable Red Flower At UWA (Very Friendly Art At The 2012 Perth Festival)

Naturally, as soon as UWA's Info Services library account Tweets about something exciting on campus... I'm so there. This is Breathing Flower.As part of the Perth Festival 2012 Choi Jeong Hwa installed this giant red inflatable flower at the reflecting pool. "Renowned for his inventive and spectacular use of mass-produced plastics and synthetics in large scale installations, acclaimed artist Choi Jeong Hwa invites you to celebrate art that exudes abundance, colour and joy while provoking … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Podcast – Friends Of Science In Medicine (And The New YouTube Star Sciency Sadie)

My latest podcast episode is now out: Episode One Hundred And Six – On Friends Of Science In Medicine – Interview With Dr Rob Morrison. I noticed a poll as to whether alternative medicine should be taught in universities, over at the Sydney Morning Herald article......I think the results are in by now though.To celebrate, you can also check out the new video series by Sciency Sadie: The Never Ending Cosmos 01 - Neil deGrasse Tyson. … [Read more...]