Little Kitten – Catherine Deveny’s Atheist Alphabet

Here's something I helped fund - and now it's really real in the real world and on YouTube! Thank you to Catherine Deveny for sticking it out and making such a snappy little film. Follow her on and check out her new show Trollhunter. … [Read more...]

Atheists Aren’t Guaranteed Skeptics… And Other Links

How many atheists do you know who aren't skeptics? Some years back I attended a talk at the Perth Atheists, which was presented by a conspiracy theorist who thought that Einstein had "corrupted science". The poor organiser was mortified that he'd let a conspiracy theorist present, but as I said then (and now), the talk was by an atheist, as the Meetup advertised... just not by a skeptic.Since then, I've been a little wary of people who assume atheists = skeptics automatically.Anyway, this is … [Read more...]

Young Australian Skeptics Blog – Relaunching 1st January!

The Young Australian Skeptics blog is relaunching with a diverse team of young writers, aiming to inject fresh perspectives and opinions into the online skeptical and science communication communities. The blog - - will be relaunched on the 1st of January, 2013, at 12pm, Melbourne time, with a beautiful new design and a bunch of thought-provoking articles....The new writing team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds in astronomy, g … [Read more...]

Vaccination Myths Must-Reads And References To Pass-Onto-Others Of The Day

Two in one? Yes.Monday’s medical myth: childhood vaccinations are dangerous - Fiona Stanley, The Conversation (she happens to be local to me and very much admired by the whole country): Because today’s parents don’t have first-hand experience with dangerous infectious diseases they can be misled by myths about the supposed dangers of childhood vaccination: for instance, whooping cough vaccine causes brain damage; the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism and vaccination causes … [Read more...]

Feedback On The Token Skeptic – And Help Hayley Fundraise For QEDCon!

I haven't done a "Monday Morning Muse" for a while - how about I ask you to be inspiring?The Token Skeptic podcast is now up to Episode #136... and I'm wondering how it's doing for listeners? If you're able to spare a few minutes, please head over to the Token Skeptic 2012 survey at this link: Token Skeptic Survey.What am I after? Basic demographics, what episodes you've listened to (if any) and preferred length of show.All submissions are anonymous and if you'd like to give more … [Read more...]

Great Post By Marian Call On Kickstarter

Just popping this in here - recently the very kind Chris Stedman suggested that I fundraise for a book idea and I balked because I a) haven't done that before and b) have a tendency to think "well, if it's any good, people'll buy it anyway and maybe at the best I'll break even or I'll at least know a product is out there that I think is needed and that's a reward in itself".Which is how I've done projects in the past and unless things change dramatically, it will probably stay that way. Maybe … [Read more...]

On #GreatSkepticism

And then, one Thursday, nearly two thousand years after one man had been nailed to a tree for saying how great it would be to be nice to people for a change, a girl sitting on her own in a small cafe in Rickmansworth suddenly realized what it was that had been going wrong all this time, and she finally knew how the world could be made a good and happy place. This time it was right, it would work, and no one would have to get nailed to anything.Sadly, however, before she could get to a phone to … [Read more...]

On Blogging, Direction And Ben Radford’s “Still Skeptical of Blogs”

Today I felt so down about how people have been treating each other online that I've given up on Facebook-social networking as it just kept leading me back to feeling bad again and again, as if every post which ranged from the innocent "You know what I've observed about skepticism?" to the rare passive-aggressive "Neener neener" horrible sort were all just pulling on scabs and slicing open scars. Physically sick-making stuff that I couldn't stand for one minute longer and I certainly wasn't … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Transcript – Tanya Smith Of Atheist Alliance International

The most recent Token Skeptic podcast (#112 - On Atheism, Secularism and Rationality) featured an interview with Tanya Smith, where she discussed her role within Atheist Alliance International, projects and outreach that they do and even the topic of sexism within atheism. Here's a partial transcript of our discussion - and check out the official website at, where you can find out more about the forthcoming conventions and the work they do.Tanya: The job is very broad; … [Read more...]

Dystopia And Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale: 1986 – 2012

"OfFred was a normal everyday woman with a career, a name, a life like all women have come to expect and take for granted in this age. When the Religious Right came into power, they began to put into practice their insane beliefs which strip women of their identity, their rights, their body, their very name. Women are to be called Of (whatever asshat they belong to), instead of, say Beatrix. Reproduction is an issue because all the toxins in the environment have rendered many women infertile. … [Read more...]

Monday Morning Muse – From Pinning On Pinterest, Social Media-d Schools, To Musing About Menstrual Myths

Well, I'm on Pinterest. And according to Watch out, Facebook; you've got new competition. According to, social-media site is now driving more referral traffic on the Web than Google+, YouTube, Reddit and LinkedIn combined. Started in 2009, the website is a virtual bulletin board where users display and share photos on subjects ranging from do-it-yourself crafts to food dishes to art. Well, ground-breaking as it might be (hey, didn't we use Tumblr th … [Read more...]