More #GreatSkepticism – Get The New Skeptical Blog Anthology And Podcast On Tweets And BigFeets!

Here's two quick items before I: a) collapse for the weekend and catch up with friends in the real world (I am on a blogging break, after all);b) pull my act together and catch up with all the interviews I have organised to do and haven't sent out confirmations for - sincere apologies if I've dropped the ball in that regard, but I will be in touch!Remember the Skeptical Blog anthology? It featured on the Scientific American blog site and on the JREF Swift - and it's now in its second … [Read more...]

Avoid Burned Feet With Tony Robbins – Richard Wiseman On Firewalking

Did you read about the poor people who trusted Tony Robbins and ended up with burnt feet (Tony Robbins event leaves 21 burned after they walk on hot coals)?Here, Dr Richard Wiseman for the Edinburgh Science Festival talks about why it happens and how it works.In addition - the Mythbusters have tried it too! … [Read more...]

Look! Did You Know… About Bryan And Baxter!

Lookie!And by "Lookie!" I mean look at the third one down! Wahhh!! Bryan and Baxter are, of course, are the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, the hosts of Warning: Paranormal Radio and they feature on the most popular (as voted by listeners and certainly by downloads!) episode of the Token Skeptic podcast. Where I snorf in a most unlady-like manner at their stories. … [Read more...]

Black Cats And Friday 13th – Talking Superstitions On National Breakfast Television Live!

[Oooh, I nearly forgot - I also woke up to this lovely review from SkepticLawyer, about the Scope of Skepticism book! How's that for lucky?] 2:15am - I wake up and throw copy of Stuart Vyse's Believing in Magic into bag before diving into the shower.2:30am - Check clock and discover it's running behind as well as running backwards. It's a backwards clock, but it's not meant to be that late.2:45am - Hit the road and yes, realise that I was right when I thought that it'd be too early for any … [Read more...]

Jourdemayne – The Natural History of the European Werewolf Talk At The Hampshire Skeptics

Great little skeptical talk, filmed at the Hampshire Skeptics, by Deborah Hyde, the Editor-in-Chief of The Skeptic Magazine (I recently got my latest edition posted to me - I highly recommend it!) … [Read more...]

Crowdfunder Help – The Beginners’ Guide to Psychic Trickery

Ash Pryce is a performing artist based in Edinburgh. He has travelled around the country performing shows focusing on revealing and exposing psychic trickery. He's also an award winning director, published playwright and founder of Scotlands first Skeptics in the Pub group.In about twenty days, he's hoping to fund three different shows called The Beginners' Guide To Psychic Trickery - which looks at the cons of psychic tricksters over the fringe in August, for the Edinburgh Festival.There's … [Read more...]

How To Be A Paranormal Investigator

Mad props to Baxter for this find. … [Read more...]

New – Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills By Dr Steve Novella

Occasionally people ask about useful guides to skepticism, a learn-it-at-your-own-pace course? This may be of interest to you!Dr Novella mentioned this latest guide on his blog recently, but I don't know how many people are aware of the previously published course. I brought that one as soon as it came out, and I've now purchased the new one as well. If you're looking for DVDs / audio on critical thinking, this is a useful resource.Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Survey – What Does Your Psychic Reading Of Asparagus (Or Strawberries) Tell You?

Sunday Morning Survey - Because We're Not Doing Anything Else On Sunday Mornings After All And I Did This On A Regular Basis Last Year So I'm Starting It Up Again And You Can Comment As Much As You Like Or Suggest Future Topics (With Or Without Vegetables).This is the kind of thing that Milton Mermikides posts on Facebook, which has me thoughtfully looking at the vegetable bin while making the first cup of tea of the day:A fortune teller who predicts the future using ASPARAGUS unveiled her … [Read more...]

BigFoot 2012 – Fact Or Hoax?

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, Newt Gingrich receives a long awaited endorsement from a former backer of Mitt Romney.Bigfoot thanks to the Doubtful Newsblog for finding this gem. … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic – Transcript Of Interview With Sharon Hill Of Doubtful News Blog

While I’m taking a break to focus on work – here’s a few transcripts from the Token Skeptic podcast. I’ll return to a regular schedule in February, but you can check out the podcast at and forthcoming articles out on the JREF Swift blog and the CSICOP Curiouser and Curiouser column.Taken from Token Skeptic Episode Ninety – On Doubtful News – Interview With Sharon Hill: Sharon Hill is a geologist and author of the Doubtful News Blog, which focuses on science and pseudoscienc … [Read more...]