Interested In Philosophy Classes? Take A Class With Dan!

Just got a cool email - fellow bloggy-Patheos-fellow Dan Fincke is getting some new non-matriculated online courses together! The idea is to schedule summer classes in mid-May so that he can start them in June or July. "In this post I report back on how my online classes have been going and link to this new survey which you can fill out if you would like me to teach you philosophy or give you philosophical counseling this summer and/or fall. It’s like reading Camels With Hammers, but instead you … [Read more...]

Busy…Busy…Podcasts…Podcasts! Token Skeptic And 365 Days Of Philosophy

I am so out of the loop with a lot of things at the moment, so I'm just going to give up commenting on anything. You're probably sick to death of everyone talking about that stuff anyway. Here's something different!Today involved three interviews in one day and preparation for more interviews throughout the rest of the week. It's all in the works for the forthcoming ScienceRewired Big Science Communication Summit!Here's some of my recent interviews you may have missed:At 365 Days of … [Read more...]

What’s In My Bag (UWA Open Day And Start Of Perth Writers Festival Edition)?

It's been a time where I honestly don't care about anything to do with atheism, skepticism, -isms of any kind and whether there's fraught-ness and fighting - because I've been merrily busy!Step one - empty out bag for cleaning.  It's a mess. There's even an uneaten pear sitting in the middle; I'll have that for breakfast tomorrow morning. Top centre - My pink converse shoes, which happened to match the scarf worn by Margaret Atwood - I think she was bemused. A hair decoration, black … [Read more...]

The First Month Of The 365 Days Of Philosophy (A Book On The Way?)

I can't stop blinking and swaying, I'm so tired.Today, I was at three tertiary educational institutions (one new enrolment, one deferment and 20+ papers returned). Then I visited one cinema (to pick up tickets), three stores (just brought playing cards)... and all of this before midday. I think I have a visit to the museum planned for Sunday but I can't see straight to check the calendar let alone have enough energy to finish this blogpost to figure out where I left my diary.But I should … [Read more...]

Quick Update – Stephen Law On 365 Philosophy And David Gorski And Robert Blaskiewicz On Token Skeptic Podcasts

I'd write to you all, but I can't. I'm still recovering from an injury and I have two weeks of intensive work ahead of me to handle.So, instead - I podcast. As best I can.Firstly - check out the first interview for the 365 Days of Philosophy monthly podcast.It's now on iTunes at 365 Days of Philosophy, where I chat to philosopher Stephen Law: Stephen Law (BA, BPhil, DPhil) is a philosopher and senior lecturer at Heythrop College in the University of London. He also edits the philosophical … [Read more...]

Skepticism And Education Series – Learning Styles Don’t Exist

It's the 2nd January, and I've started the 365 Days of Philosophy website (both for Wordpress and Tumblr, so you can choose what format you like). But in addition, I'm keen to focus a little more on education and myths this year, particularly after presenting in Berlin on pseudoscience within the field.So, to start, you might like to check out this video from 2008 that caught my attention:Over on 365 Days of Philosophy, I'll be addressing another (somewhat related) myth about left/right … [Read more...]

Young Australian Skeptics Blog – Relaunching 1st January!

The Young Australian Skeptics blog is relaunching with a diverse team of young writers, aiming to inject fresh perspectives and opinions into the online skeptical and science communication communities. The blog - - will be relaunched on the 1st of January, 2013, at 12pm, Melbourne time, with a beautiful new design and a bunch of thought-provoking articles....The new writing team is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students with diverse backgrounds in astronomy, g … [Read more...]

Hear Me On The Atheist Nomad Podcast (While Pondering Buying A Tauntaun Sleeping Bag)!

Currently packing and covered in Lindt chocolate (which is just the way I like me) - because I'm taking a break and will be blogging later in the week - in the meantime... the Atheist Nomad podcast!Atheist Nomads Episode 16 – Teaching Critical Thinking with the Token Skeptic’s Kylie Sturgess Hear - me struggle to articulate the concept of pastoral care by talking around the topic for about five minutes and completely neglect to actually say the words "pastoral care"! Cringe - at the sound of jo … [Read more...]

The 365 Days Of Philosophy – Launching In 2013

The 365 Days of Philosophy is an educational website that will include resources, links, exercises and a monthly podcast – on the topic of philosophy.Every day in 2013 the website will feature a blogpost that looks at a range of philosophical topics, including: What is philosophy? Arguments and logic Concepts of justice, fairness, liberty, tolerance and democracy Sceptical doubt in philosophical and ethical inquiry Aesthetic concepts Darwin’s theory of evolut … [Read more...]

Christmas And Seasonal Gift Suggestions For The Young Critical Thinker

These are by no means exhaustive lists, but recently I popped in a Twitter suggestion that people check out my book Token Skeptic: Interviews, Essays and Observations to get a round-up of some of the more recent figures who are active in skepticism (and what is the Christmas season without pimping your own work, let's face it - I have a podcast to run, after all...), and it got me thinking that I should blog a general round-up before Christmas madness gets underway and seeking books becomes all … [Read more...]

Transcript Of Token Skeptic Interview With Chris Stedman – Faitheist: On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious

A new interview with Chris Stedman is now out on the Token Skeptic podcast - this one is Episode #143 - On How an Atheist Found Common Ground With the Religious. It follows on from an earlier interview I did, conducted before I read his new book Faitheist, Episode One Hundred And Fourteen – On Faitheism – Interview With Chris StedmanFor those of you who aren't aware - I have a book of transcripts from the podcast interviews I've conducted (several years of work now, since starting on the Tank v … [Read more...]