Links Du Jour – Psychic Test Fail, PM Awards And Photographing Zombies (Grrr, Arghh… Get Off My Lawn, Kids)

I'm a little down - the weather is heading towards miserable outside, the cat is grumbling about being kept in and people are just awful on the internet. 'Ain't it the way?Never mind, it's Halloween for you Americans......and "Get The Hell Off My Damned Lawn Kids, This Isn't The USA And Screaming 'I Think They're Not Home!!' Down My Street While Dressed In Your Mother's Best Frock Stained With Tomato Sauce And Wearing A Traffic Cone Painted Black On Your Head Still Won't Make Me Open The … [Read more...]

I Had an Abortion… Or Maybe I Didn’t: Leslie Cannold At TEDxCanberra 2012

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An Introduction to Philosophical Ethics – Primary Ethics

Following on from my JREF Swift article and the interview with Dr Sue Knight which mentioned Primary Ethics in passing - a video! This animation was created for Primary Ethics to give people a basic understanding of what philosophical ethics is all about. This four minute video was written and directed by Leonie Johnson, animated by Victoria Moey, voiceover by Finn O'Keefe and soundtrack by Peter Bailey. An Introduction to Philosophical Ethics from Primary Ethics on Vimeo. … [Read more...]

Now Out On Swift Blog – Philosophy For Children, Critical Thinking And Token Skeptic

Unfortunately the list of references at the end of the article are a little jumbled, but I'll post them at the end of this so you can check them out yourself! You can even see a photo of a P4C training session I helped with from a few years back featured.What is Philosophy For Children? P4C – Encouraging A Critical Mindset For All Ages:To think is to inquire, in Dewey’s proposal; and it’s interesting that that Dewey had Science rather than Philosophy teaching in mind when he thought about i … [Read more...]

New Token Skeptic Podcast – On Philosophy For Children And On The Pod Delusion!

New show now out - Episode One Hundred And Thirty One – On Philosophy In Schools – Philosophy For Children With Dr Sue Knight.For this episode, I  interviewed Dr Sue Knight, Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Education, University of South Australia and the former co-editor of Critical and Creative Thinking: The Australasian Journal of Philosophy in Education. You'll also be able to read more about the interview and the methodology at the Swift blog over at, later this month: As a reso … [Read more...]

Dear Token Skeptic Bloggess (About That Massimo Pigliucci Post)

Dear Token Skeptic Bloggess,Chill.Seriously. Just chill. Every time that you see one post that just really piques you, you end up losing your faith in the general skeptical community and end up either having to go for a run that has you stranded half-way across the city with only Spice Girl songs left on your iPod (urgh) - or baking a Black Forest cake at 4am in the morning.[Long story.]You know perfectly well that there's plenty of writers out there who have more time on their … [Read more...]

Philosophy And Critical Thinking Notes For The Semester Part II (With Vegemite Toast)

Following on from the earlier blog-post "Philosophy And Critical Thinking Notes For The Semester (With A Head Cold)".Today it's a few revision exercises - and I'm writing them quickly as it's freezing here and I need more toast and tea.To make sure that you're familiar with what an argument is (and how it's different from, say, a description, a narrative or explanation), head to this site for the following exercise: Reasoning and non-reasoning to brush up your skills.Remember how last time … [Read more...]

The Pocket Guide To Critical Thinking – Suitable For Secondary Teaching

Remember a while back that I mentioned Michael McRae of CSIRO (who has appeared on the Token Skeptic podcast a few times and is the author of Tribal Science: Brains Beliefs and Bad Ideas - a must-get if you want a updated, Australian equivalent of Sagan's A Demon-Haunted World) was the author of this YouTube series?Now there's a guide that has also been released by TechNYou: RECOGNISING DODGY ARGUMENTS: HOW VALUES, BIASES AND DODGY ARGUMENTS MISLEAD USAnother in our series of postcard b … [Read more...]

Little Kitten – David Eagleman On The Science Of De-(And Re-) Humanisation

Relevant to class discussions today. … [Read more...]

Humanity+ @Melbourne 2012 Summit – Happening Soon!

A Future Science and Technology conference - this two day  long conference in Melbourne may interest some scientists and science communicators, as well as skeptics (considering that both the recent NECSS featured a panel on Futurism and the forthcoming TAM is advertising a workshop on "Skepticism about the Future: Techno-optimism vs. Reality").5-6 May 2012 - Melbourne - Humanity+ FUTURE SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGYJoin the conversation at Humanity+ Summit on 5-6th of May to explore the poss … [Read more...]

Q Is For Qualia, The Musical! Rejected Philosophy Essay Questions

I'm making a list of exam recipients, checking it twice before sending it out - and on the other side of the paper I have a list of essay questions that didn't make the cut. Not even close.In fact, most of them were just efforts to shake my brain into doing some work on exam writing, rather than reading the lovely blog-post by Anna over on her site: Highlights from the 2012 Global Atheist Convention.I was drawing on the 2A and 3A syllabus-dot points from here, in case you were wondering. He … [Read more...]