FINALLY… The Latest Token Skeptic Podcast – On Myths And Makeup!

This episode took ages to create - in fact, it's the longest time I've ever taken to research and edit a podcast... I started interviewing for it last year. Then I had to give iTunes a solid kick in order to make sure it uploaded at all. Sorry, listeners, but it's finally here, all for you!Tremendous thanks to the three people I interviewed, for being so patient until it finally came out: Token Skeptic #115 -  On Myths And Makeup – Pseudoscience And Cosmetics. You can get the mp3 of it here, or … [Read more...]

The Token Skeptic Interviews – Gia Milinovich (Meets The Blues Brothers – Kind Of)

I'll be away volunteering for the next few days at several conferences in a row (check out the work of the Media140 Perth team here) - in the meantime, feel free to be entertained and enlightened with some behind-the-scenes stories and interviews from the Token Skeptic podcast - and check out Sharon Hill's latest "Sounds Sciencey" at CSICOP with “You are Not Entitled to Your Own Bigfoot Facts”! I'll be back blogging as usual early next week. I don't know about you, but whenever I think about some … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Interview – On Faitheism With Chris Stedman

The latest Token Skeptic podcast is now out! Thanks to everyone who has been very patient while I've been busy with studies, checking that the podcast is ready to be released - and not keeping a very regular schedule with the show.There should be two more Token Skeptic episodes at the very least coming out in April, but since there's also at least three conferences in quick succession over the next two months (including my MC role at the Global Atheist Convention!) - well, I'm not promising a … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Podcast – Interview With The Digital Cuttlefish

I have an interview with Chris Stedman on the way!But to tide you over, here's a little interview I conducted, as a special filler: Token Skeptic Podcast - Interview With Digital CuttlefishCuttlefish are shy and elusive creatures; when necessary, they hide in their own ink. This particular cuttlefish has  chosen as its habitat the comment threads of science, religion, and news sites, where it feeds on the opinions of those who are emboldened by the cloak of internet anonymity. The Digital C … [Read more...]

Atheism In The Public Sphere And The Reason Rally – Richard Dawkins On Up With Chris Hayes

Does a politician's private religious beliefs effect public policy? If a citizen has the right to question their lawmaker's political opinions, should they also be able to question their outlook on religion? The Up Panelists (which include Professor Stephen Pinker, Jamila Bey, Susan Jacoby and Jamie Kilsteen) are featured on the second video talking about the Reason Rally and how atheism and politics intersect. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economyFirst … [Read more...]

New Curiouser And Curiouser About “An Honest Liar” – And New Classroom Modules For Teaching Skeptically!

This will be one of several sporadic updates - because despite claims that the FTB site will be minus updates because of a convention, I don't think that thirty-two bloggers in total will have nothing to say over this weekend. Not when there's at least two items of cool news I have for you![...Except in the highly unlikely situation that someone trips over the server and the site disappears into the ether, or kids insert peanut butter sandwiches into the disk drives of the non-Reason Rally … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Podcast – On Critical Thinking, Alt Med And Science Communication (And Other Links)

Token Skeptic podcast, episode #113 (I can hardly believe it myself...) is out!A bonus for this episode is featured - the start of the show is by Doubtful News, a ten-minute broadcast of some of the hit weird and wonderful stories that are in the media this month. Many thanks to Sharon Hill and check out the official site at Best of all, you’ll be able to see Sharon and many others in person at the forthcoming Amazing Meeting 2012 from July 12-15th.The show also featu … [Read more...]

This American Life Retracts Story About Apple Critic

When it comes to podcasting, one of the most downloaded shows I know is This American Life. I even saw Ira Glass during his tour of Australia and enjoy several other shows like it, such as Snap Judgement, and it has influenced the work I do on Token Skeptic. So naturally, when I see several links to a story about the show from friends pop up, I go to check it out.The news my friends had for me? "This American Life Retracts Story  - Says It Can't Vouch for the Truth of Mike Daisey's Monologue a … [Read more...]

New – Scientific Guide to Critical Thinking Skills By Dr Steve Novella

Occasionally people ask about useful guides to skepticism, a learn-it-at-your-own-pace course? This may be of interest to you!Dr Novella mentioned this latest guide on his blog recently, but I don't know how many people are aware of the previously published course. I brought that one as soon as it came out, and I've now purchased the new one as well. If you're looking for DVDs / audio on critical thinking, this is a useful resource.Your Deceptive Mind: A Scientific Guide to Critical … [Read more...]

Token Skeptic Transcript – Interviews With Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton

I neglected to mention this a few days ago! Since that time I've run up a partial transcript of both - so if you haven't checked out these two interviews, they're now available on the Token Skeptic podcast:Episode One Hundred And Eleven - On How Now You See Her - Gia Milinovich And Sonya Pemberton.What I found particularly interesting were the slightly different perspectives they had about television when it came to communicating about science and technology; how there's a number of 'unseen' … [Read more...]

Congratulations PodDelusion! #QEDCon

Congratulations to everyone involved with the PodDelusion, winner of the best podcast in the Ockham Awards - photo taken at QEDCon by "Sillypunk", aka Liz Lutgendorff. … [Read more...]