Recent Adventures – Interviews, InterviewED – New Zealand Skeptics Conference AND SkeptiCamp!

Just a quick update on this Saturday night before I get down to checking out the #euskep15 hashtag on Twitter (hope you're having fun, Hayley, Dr Chris French and Marsh!) - getting down to more studies and preparation for...The New Zealand Skeptics Conference! Wellington - 6th - 8th, September 2013. Venue at Rutherford House, 23 Lambton Quay, Wellington. ...We're all looking forward to the amazing range of speakers that we have lined up this year. The talks are guaranteed to inform and e … [Read more...]

#NatSciWk Token Skepticism! New Podcast With Prof Brian Cox, #IFLSLive And Not-Quite Shakespeare With Tim Minchin

R&G are dead play programme

I am exhausted. But here's some links to things I've achieved this week - please do support National Science Week in Australia and check out all the events you can attend. Here's some things I got up to:HUGE thanks to Gia Milinovich for helping me get an interview with Professor Brian Cox - you can hear it over on the Token Skeptic website (some of it, the beginning, was used for the student radio show I do for Sonic, hence there being some rather fun pop-culture questions to start … [Read more...]

Podcast Celebrations! The Pseudoscientists’ 100th Episode Show!

How's this for some positive skepticism? Join us for our very first live show, celebrating 100 episodes and over 4 years of The Pseudoscientists - and hopefully with many more to come.Where: Pugg Mahones Irish Pub, 171 – 175 Elgin St , Carlton, VictoriaWhen: Wednesday, 14th of August, 7:30pmHow Much: Absolutely free! They also have a SPECIAL GUEST!! but you'll have to click on the link to find out. … [Read more...]

So, How Are You Doing? Parsec Awards, Podcasts And Interplanetary Mopedowns

It's been a long time since I've written anything resembling text.Usually I'd find and post something along the lines of "Ha!":It seems every time I have something to write about, time just zips past and I don't even have the energy or impetus to write anything like:* "Oh, wow, I finally got into the finals of the Parsec Awards!... um, anyone? See...?"... oh. Never mind. * Congratulations to Eugenie Scott on her Houdini award! * Autism Myths: Busted! * HAAAAAAA Book cover … [Read more...]

ScienceRewired Big Science Communication Summit Videos Now Out!

So - it's been a while since I've blogged! Thankfully, teaching is now over for the term and with a little holiday in the near future to focus on upcoming studies and recording, all should be back on track. The 365 Days of Philosophy blog has, as always, been keeping up with every day.Up next is an update about all the podcasts, including ones that appear to have been listed, but not actually downloadable via iTunes. Which is frustrating, but able to be amended.Until then - check out the … [Read more...]

Pseudoscientist Podcast! #IFLSOz Show In Sydney Soon! More Shows On The Way!


I'm currently teaching this:While enjoying breakfasts before class here:...and wondering who owns the My Little Pony mug at the spoon stand.This unfortunately leaves me with little time to do much else - particularly considering that I have an illness that has dragged onto over a week. Thankfully people have been patient about it, but I have used what little energy I have left to get the following shows done - and hoping to get more on the way! The Pseudoscientists Episode … [Read more...]

New Article Out On CSICOP… And Yes, Lots Of People Support Vaccination

Photo on 4-06-13 at 12.24 PM

Firstly, a beautiful view:   Okay, take my word for it, it's lovely. Right? Lovely, lovely. Going for a walk after this.Firstly, huge admiration to everyone who genuinely cares about stamping out anti-vaccination efforts in this country. I do too.Here's the article I wrote in 2012: Wings over the Woodford Folk Festival - Protesting by Plane with the Stop The Anti-Vaccination Network - January 25, 2012. There's even a podcast and encouragement to sign a petition.Here's the article I … [Read more...]

Working On WA Day – A Before-Travel Blogpost


What is WA Day? Here you go.Hello - I used to blog regularly and now it seems I stumble across here on my way to either podcast, post radio assignments, attend classes, try to catch up with family and friends, grade essays, write exams for classes or keep the 365 Days of Philosophy blog updated. Hello blog!I love blogging and I do feel the gap in my life when I'm not keeping my writing skills up, particularly the posts that go into research. But a few nasty hits behind my back got me … [Read more...]

Interview On Science Podcasting – Dr Pamela Gay And Fraser Cain #SSAWeek


Welcome to Hour Eleven of the Token Skeptic Sunday Sessions!DONATE HERE!There’s 24 posts for every hour of today, looking at issues involving secularism, skepticism, atheism, feminism, science, philosophy and more - in order to support and urge you to donate to SSAWeek2013 at podcasting is popular, fun and informative… but how do you make a success of it? Is there a formula that the experts use to get a show regularly on the air? How much research and effo … [Read more...]

Podcasts – ScienceRewired, 365 Days Of Philosophy And Token Skeptic Shows Now Out #scicomm

I've been very busy over my brief holiday break - the important thing is that if you're in Australia and interested in science communication, science education and science outreach, that you check out some of the presenters at the forthcoming ScienceRewired Big Science Communication Summit and consider not only:Giving feedback on what is discussed (think of it like a "wiki" for things that will be raised at the event), but Consider signing up to present yourself!For these interviews, … [Read more...]

Skepticism In Romania! New Token Skeptic Podcast

skepticism in Romania

Now out on the Token Skeptic website: Episode One Hundred And Fifty Eight - On Sceptici în România - Skepticism In Romania  - three fantastic, talented skeptics (Eddy Petrisor, Stanca Miruna Geanta Chelbea and Ovidiu Covaciu) who have a lot to say! Check out and enjoy subscribing to some of the freshest content on the internet when it comes to pseudoscience, the paranormal and challenging quackery in Europe. Kylie: What are some of the big concerns in Romania for skept … [Read more...]